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Persistence AI Launches Offering AI-Powered Sales Assistants That Converts More Leads Into Inbound Calls, Automatically

Industry: Cloud Computing

Many companies are faced with the challenge of how to turn more leads into inbound calls and ultimately sales. The Cutting-Edge new SaaS company Persistence AI can be a game changer.

Raleigh, NC (PRUnderground) March 27th, 2019

In the ever-more competitive sales world, there’s little doubt high-quality AI can give a huge advantage in business – especially in sales and marketing. Raleigh, NC-based SaaS software company Persistence AI has focused on using their AI to benefit the sales efforts of their clients in a clear-cut, black and white way. Persistence AI helps convert their existing leads into inbound calls taking a great deal of weight off the shoulders of sales teams, among many other cost-effective benefits. The early response to the Cloud-based AI software has been very enthusiastic.

“Persistence AI sales agents allow companies to scale their lead-generation and sales campaigns quickly and efficiently, without additional staff or office space,” commented Ed Holloway, CEO of Persistence AI. “This allows existing staff to focus on closing the sale – not managing inbound leads, qualifying them, or making dials to get leads on the phone.”

According to the company, Persistence AI delivers a dramatic increase in ROI across many channels for its users. Just some highlights include increased lead-to-call rates; a decrease in all around costs; better ROI on marketing spend; and sales teams made more efficient and effective through the help of the AI carrying the extra weight they would otherwise need to themselves, delivering more opportunities to close sales and stay in the “closing mindset” without other distractions.

Persistence AI is totally based on the Cloud, which removes the need for software installations. Integrating into a new clients business only takes a day or two, and for marketing and sales teams, it is not difficult to understand how to use at all – ROI is measured in days, not weeks, months, or years.

Demonstrations of Persistence AI can be scheduled right on the company’s official website and they are always more-than-happy to answer any questions large or small.

The early reviews for the Cloud-based software have been remarkably positive.

Chris S., from Washington, recently said in a five-star review, “Persistence AI has allowed us to achieve better ROI across all our lead sources. In addition, we are seeing a positive ROI on sources that were negative in the past – allowing us to scale. We couldn’t be more pleased with our decision to give Persistence AI a shot. Fully recommended.”

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About Persistence AI

Persistence AI is a platform that provides AI-powered sales assistants that engage and qualify your existing leads and automatically turn them into high-intent inbound calls for your sales team.
Persistence AI’s founders have over 20 years of experience working with global brands such as Microsoft (MSFT), Dow Chemical (DWDP), Siemens (SIEGY) and others to help increase revenue through technology.

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