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Reading Personal Brandology is like taking the red pill in the Matrix, there’s no going back.

Melbourne, Australia (PRUnderground) September 15th, 2021

In August of 2021, after 4 years of research and writing, Personal Brandology finally hit the shelves. The book’s arrival to the market timely amidst the surging gig economy and the evolving concept of 21st century work. Jayden Kafanelis, a University of Melbourne alumni, leverages his scientific and entrepreneurial background, exploring personal branding in a never-before-seen way. With the rise of digitalisation, globalisation, and millennial mindsets, the importance of an individual’s personal brand has reached an all-time high and this book proves to be an invaluable asset for today’s workers.

Personal Brandology equips new-age professionals with a framework that details fundamental components of their personal brand – the main purpose of the book being to educate the reader on each. Initially, the book educates individuals about their inherent business nature, which, by virtue of this, necessitates them achieving the potential of their personal brand. It then touches on the new paradigm of 21st century work while referencing philosophical, psychological, and biological studies and their links to productive and purposeful work; essentially detailing a framework for human flourishing in modernity.

It’s been well received by a range of professionals spanning the university, career, and employability sectors. Eddie Custovic PhD, a pioneering Professor of Engineering and Entrepreneurship at La Trobe had this to say, “Personal Brandology is a much-needed resource for emerging professionals. It comprehensively summarises a range of areas directly related to an individual’s professional success and provides high-quality scientific and organisational research to readers. Personal Brandology is filled with value”.

Jayden Kafanelis is the CEO and Cofounder of ZYGADOX and ZYGAVERSE. He has a background in science, achieving his Bachelor of Science (Biomedical/Exercise Science) from Victoria University, a Master of Biotechnology at The University of Melbourne, and is currently 4 weeks away from completing a Graduate Diploma in Psychological Science at Deakin University. He’s been involved in technology start-ups for the last 6 years, guest lectures at La Trobe university for innovation and entrepreneurship regularly, and was awarded an Innovation Scholarship from the Victoria University College of Business to represent them in Italy at the world renowned European Innovation Academy.


ZYGAVERSE is an innovative technology and science-based company founded in 2019 and is focussed on boosting the employability of job seekers. It offers an evolved resume building platform with an interactive, automated resume coach to guide users through the resume creation process; a scientifically informed “interview hacking” course which is currently being micro-credentialled by universities; and a book on personal branding. In 2021 it formed partnerships with resume writers, career agencies, international charities, universities, and professional development bodies for graduates.

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