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Personal Trainer Abdulla Bahzad Conquers All Odds After Auto Accident

Industry: Health & Fitness

After 15 surgeries in two years, Bahzad plans return to the gym

Doha, Qatar (PRUnderground) October 27th, 2022

Abdulla Bahzad says he always felt an inner drive to not only push himself towards his goals but to also empower others to reach and exceed their own goals. Now, he’s adding a new chapter to his story, as well as to the stories of others, as he returns to the gym after an extremely difficult few years.

Bahzad is a 27 year old personal trainer from Qatar. When he turned 19, Bahzad began pursuing an interest in fitness that led to him being a bodybuilder. He competed in top competitions such as the Arnold Classic, traveling as far as London. Continuing in his fitness journey, Bahzad became a personal trainer. This role, he says, is his favorite. As a personal trainer, Bahzad was enjoying helping people in their daily lives and giving them a blueprint for looking and feeling their best. As his personal training business was flourishing, the unthinkable happened.

In December 2020, Bahzad was involved in an auto accident that devastated his physical health and forced him to pause his fitness training program. He could no longer help himself or others. Over the course of two years, Bahzad would endure 15 surgeries, demonstrating his perseverance yet again. Right now, Bahzad remains under the care of physical therapy, but he’s made a huge announcement.

Bahzad says he is now planning on going back to the gym soon. He will be continuing to offer his personal training services, which include bespoke exercise and diet plans, but Bahzad is now going to be offering a new service sparked by the experiences he’s encountered over the past two years. Now, he will be offering motivational speaking engagements for groups, corporate entities, schools, and anyone who would like a dose of inspiration to live their life to its fullest extent.

“My main goal is to help others be healthy and achieve their goals,” said Bahzad. As he continues to mend, Bahzad is excited about helping others once again. More information can be found at https://www.instagram.com/0q/.

About Abdulla Bahzad

Abdulla Bahzad is a personal trainer whose inspirational story helps empower others to reach and exceed their goals.

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