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Peter Triassi (Montreal) Releases Update on Popular Montreal Travel Website

Industry: Travel & Leisure

Montreal tourist expert Peter Triassi of Montreal has released two brand-new blogs for the month of July on his recently launched travel-themed microsite focusing on Montreal.

Montreal, Canada (PRUnderground) July 28th, 2020

The new microsite has garnered immense attention since its launch this summer—a huge travel season for Canada in general and Montreal in particular.

Triassi’s newest site blogs can be accessed at https://www.petertriassimontreal.com/. Triassi created the website with the goal of sharing the highlights of his City of Saints for both new visitors and returning ones. Montreal is the biggest municipality in the province of Quebec and features a number of hidden gems worth exploring, according to Triassi.

For instance, through the website, readers can learn about the Old Montreal, a popular historical neighborhood, as well as the Notre-Dame Basilica, a cathedral filled with stunning wood carvings, ceilings, and windows made of stained glass. However, in addition to offering a walk down history lane, the city appeals to tourists who are looking for a place to simply relax. At the same time, tourists can enjoy the amiable energetic vibe that Montreal uniquely gives off, according to Triassi.

Triassi’s new site also discusses another aspect of Montreal that makes it so unique and attractive to visitors: the fact that it is a large melting pot. The city has diverse influences and cultures—an attractive feature for tourists looking for a place where they will feel welcome and experience their world on a whole new level.

Through the site’s blogs, readers can learn about the most popular eateries in Montreal, along with the best places to view art. They can also learn about Montreal’s famous underground city and even the festivals taking place this summer. All in all, the Triassi’s aim with the microsite is to encourage more people to explore the City of Saints and thus experience its unparalleled beauty for themselves in the coming months.

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