Physiotherapy In Relieving Low-Back Pain – Shares Dr. Sahil, A 2023 ThreeBestRated® Physiotherapist From Thane

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Thane, Maharashtra (PRUnderground) April 26th, 2023

Is your back hurting you constantly and debilitatingly? Reasons can be anything like your 9-5 desk job, sitting posture, poor diet, and so on. But it is a serious warning! Your back is crying out for help! You have to address the low back pain as soon as you can to preclude it from becoming severe and chronic. While seeking out a proper treatment is the only way to treat your pain, physiotherapy will be effective in reducing muscle stress and encouraging healing. Do you know how?

To know more about this, we reached out to Dr. Sahil at Advanced Physiotherapy Clinic in Thane. He explained the procedures they undertake to treat low back pain. And, here is what he says.

“Physiotherapy can be very helpful for those experiencing low back pain due to various reasons such as prolonged sitting, overuse, etc.”,  says Dr. Sahil. Here are five ways a physiotherapist can help.

  • They employ manual therapy techniques like spinal mobilization and manipulation, to improve spinal joint mobility and reduce discomfort.
  • With their exercise programs that focus on strengthening the core muscles supporting the lower back, they try to ease the pain and prevent future injuries.
  • They even use physiotherapy modalities like ultrasound, electrical stimulation such as TENS (Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation), Interferential Therapy, and PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field) to eliminate pain and inflammation.
  • Furthermore, they will educate you on proper posture and body mechanics, which are the key factors for low-back pain in order to prevent further injury and reduce pain.
  • They use mind-body techniques like relaxation and breathing exercises to reduce stress and tension, created due to work, family, or personal problems, as they can also contribute to low back pain.

This is how with physiotherapy, you can cope with low-back pain – explains the doctor.

About Dr. Sahil’s Advanced Physiotherapy Clinic:

Dr. Sahil, the founder of Dr. Sahil’s Advanced Physiotherapy Clinic is a leading physiotherapy provider in Thane, Maharashtra. His team consists of trained and experienced physiotherapists who are committed to helping patients achieve optimal wellness and get their life back. They give each patient special care and close attention to tailoring an individual treatment plan that addresses various factors such as the unique needs of their conditions, family history, lifestyle, etc.

“Our focus is always on treating the whole person, not just their symptoms; simply treating the symptoms is not going to help them recover, that’s why we try and get to the root of their pain and discomfort”, says the firm.

Besides being personalized, their approach is completely holistic as they use a variety of techniques including manual therapy, exercise, modalities, and mobilization to accelerate the rate of healing. Most importantly, they provide home treatments to facilitate their clients who can’t make it to the clinic – which is an added advantage that shows how excellent their customer service is.

In order to address modern-day problems that require modern and advanced treatments, they have furnished the clinic with state-of-the-art equipment and technologies. Not stopping there, they prioritize updating themselves on the latest research and techniques to keep themselves ahead of the competition. So their clients can get the advantage of the most recent technologies that could fasten the recovery rate!

Due to their efforts and achievement, even international sites such as ThreeBestRated® have welcomed them with a red-carpet reception through their strict 50-Point Inspection. Notably, as this is their eighth time being awarded, the firm gets excited and says,

“ThreeBestRated® is one of the most trusted websites and being recognized on ThreeBestRated® is an honor for us. We’re grateful for the recognition and will continue to provide the best possible care.”

What Can You Expect From Them In the Future:

Despite being a top physiotherapy clinic, they still work to improve their service and reach more clients in need. In light of this, they are currently working on expanding their clinic and offering new technologies and techniques, so that everyone can easily access their assistance.

They have even added Pulsed Signal Therapy at their clinic – which is a tissue generation therapy from a well-known researcher Richard Markoll from Germany.

Though they provide highly advanced treatments, they offer them at a competitive price. To get to know more about them, visit their website:

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