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Pizza Industry Call Center Kanekt 365 Exceeds Expectations

Industry: Restaurant/Hospitality

Pizza restaurant owners often face challenges with how to operate more efficiently, increase sales and cut labor costs. A recent survey of 300 pizza shop owners, using Kanekt365’s call center solution (for incoming calls/orders), has resulted in remarkable feedback and great hope for the industry.

San Francisco, CA (PRUnderground) May 28th, 2020

It’s hardly a revelation that a pizza restaurant needs amazing customer service to handle incoming calls, taking orders efficiently, and (very importantly) offering up sells in an appealing, appropriate way. Unfortunately, accomplishing these goals while operating a hectic kitchen and keeping labor costs low, can be very difficult.

Kanekt 365’s call center solution for the pizza industry, has stepped up to solve this problem. In eye-opening news, the company recently revealed the results of 300 location survey, that looked at all aspects of Kanekt365’s performance and what their service brings to the table.

“Although we always have high expectations,” commented Jeffrey S. Morin, President of Kanekt365; “We were very pleased with the results of this survey. This should give Pizza Franchise owners something to really think about when trying to juggle daily responsibilities in the restaurant and taking their own incoming calls.”

Owner Paul Urbina of WNU LLC, located in Los Angeles County California, uses Kanekt 365’s call center for all 14 of his locations. Paul has observed the following benefits of the call center: Labor Savings by an average of $200 per week; an improvement of service metrics across the board; heightened team morale – especially with managers; easy accountability, with all calls being recorded for detailed records; an end to unanswered calls and lost sales; better service within the restaurants themselves since cooks and managers are able to focus on their roles when not having to answer phones; and increased ticket sales, often dramatically, which makes the service pay for itself.

The study also points to the importance of having the pizza industry call center service being integrated directly to the restaurant’s Point of Sales System. This helps to reduce the average handle time on each call, improving the customer experience. In addition, the integration also increases the overall efficiency of Kanekt 365’s call center program since the call agent is able to submit the order and it is processed and printed in the restaurant’s kitchen.

Kanekt 365’s Call Center POS interface is called Kanektions POS and currently integrates with over 35 POS systems in the pizza industry.

To learn more about how Kanekt365 can help your pizza restaurant be sure to visit www.kanekt365.com.

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Kanekt 365 is a full-service call center company dedicated to perpetually enhancing and perfecting the call center experience for pizza industry clients. Our unique products and services run on the latest technology and are tailored for each client to fit their individual needs and help them build a strong and lasting relationship with their customers.

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