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The Company's Taiwanese Supply Chain Remains Unaffected By Covid-19

California (PRUnderground) March 13th, 2020

PlanetechUSA would like our customers to know that business is continuing as usual for our company, and supplies will remain unaffected by the coronavirus outbreak that has taken place on the mainland in China, some 80 miles away. The PlanetechUSA supply chain is based in Taiwan and not China.

Back in December, Taiwanese officials sent health workers to airports to assess and contain passengers with unusual pneumonia-like symptoms that were on direct flights from Wuhan before they could exit planes. Since then, authorities have continued their vigilance and been able to contain the virus.

Though the coronavirus has disrupted other supply chains for 75 percent of U.S based companies, PlanetechUSA supply chain is NOT being disrupted by the virus and will continue at the levels before the outbreak in China.

Our ability to supply our valuable customers is due to Taiwan’s quick preparation and early intervention. The COVID-19 infection has remained largely offshore, despite the island’s relative proximity to the virus’s epicenter. Recognizing the potential scale of the crisis early, Taiwan has stayed ahead of the outbreak. To date, it has kept the cases of coronavirus below 50 confirmed cases.

“After the SARS epidemic in 2002 and 2003, Taiwan established the National Health Command Center (NHCC) to ensure they were prepared for the next crisis,” stated Dr. Jason Wang, a public health policy expert at Stanford University. The NHCC integrates data, allowing experts to work together.

Taiwan issued a travel ban 

Like the U.S., Taiwan’s government introduced a travel ban on visitors from China, Hong Kong and Macau soon after the number of coronavirus cases began to rise in mainland China. Additionally, the government implemented a ban on exporting surgical masks, ensuring a stockpile in Taiwan. These measures are ensuring the health of Taiwan’s citizens and the continuity of our products.

Decisive preparations for the near future

Reuters reports that Taiwan has set aside T$60 billion ($2 billion) to help cushion the impact of the virus on its export-reliant economy. It will offer loans to small businesses. Taiwan is TAA compliant and plays a vital role in the global electronics supply chain and is committed to continuing over this over the days and weeks to come.

PlanetechUSA is a proud part of the Planet Technology team and looks forward to providing the same top quality products it always has to our customers here in the U.S. We wish you and your families good health. Thank you for your patronage.

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