Plant Based Superheroes, a Vegan Children’s book is available because kids don’t want to eat turkeys for Thanksgiving

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Vegan kids book, Plant Based Superheroes, offers children a fun learning opportunity to become superheroes. Now available for purchase on Amazon Books and Google Books. With 2020 being a year of so many new normal's, lets make Thanksgiving a new normal by leaving animals off our plates. Try plant-based and dairy-free options.

Newport Beach, California (PRUnderground) November 19th, 2020

Plant Based Superheroes, a children’s Vegan and Plant Based bookannounced immediate availability ofa Vegan kids book called “Plant Based Superheroes” for children who love animals and don’t want to eat them. If you brought a child to a farm and up close to a turkey and asked, “Would you like to eat this turkey?” almost all kids would say “no way!”

The Vegan kid’s book “Plant Based Superheroes” opens with a baby turkey named Rio who was just rescued from a farm right before Thanksgiving.  The baby turkey is brought to a sanctuary where she meets some interesting animals and kids who become superheroes.  There is a comedian chicken, a wakeboarding cow, and a blurry-vision soccer playing dog.  The children who read this book or have it read to them will laugh and learn from animals who share their emergency rescue tales, and why animals need to be saved. Kids learn they can become Superheroes when they save animals and don’t eat them.

 Positive Reasons for Customers:

With Thanksgiving approaching and millions of turkeys about to be killed, it is time to teach children new traditions.  Traditions that teach compassion, kindness, and bravery.  As the world begins lockdowns again, due to the Corona Virus Pandemic, (which was caused by people eating animals) it is time to change our eating behaviors from animal meats to plant-based meats. Plant Based Superheroes bookis available at a time when our planet and environment need to be protected from factory faming and animal agriculture, which contributes to waste and an over-abundance of water and land consumption. Plant Based Superheroes is committed to teaching children the truth about animals, the environment, and living cruelty-free lives by choosing plant-based and dairy-free alternatives. Plant Based Superheroes bookwill enableparents and teachers to end the cycle of euphemisms and instead provide an alternative to eating animals by going plant-based, dairy-free, and cruelty-free.

“It would not feel right to eat a turkey at Thanksgiving or any animal for that matter.  Fill your plate with Plant Based meat and leave the beautiful turkeys be.  I’m sure they’d rather be with their own turkey families for the holiday.” – Lila (Elastic Lila) Woodard. 14yr old athlete, hand balancer, and foot archer at Le PeTiT CiRqUe and junior spokesperson for the Nuclear  Sage Foundation.

Plant Based Superheroes bookis available for purchase at Amazon, Google Books, and Barnes and Nobles.

Shelly Fitzpatrick’s Plant Based Superheroes book is available for purchase at, and

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