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Industry: Entertainment is a website dedicated to bringing you top quality PC gaming! But we are more than just emulating mobile games and porting them on the PC.

South San Francisco (PRUnderground) December 13th, 2019

Say goodbye to hassles like long loading times, frequent app crashes, and confusing button layouts. We, at, do our best to address such issues and deliver a seamless PC gaming experience to you that no emulator program can bring. All of the games listed on our website are free!

What Makes Different from Others?

Some websites can only let you play on the web browser, while others force you to install their emulators. Playing games on a website will result in stacked up caches and cookies, leading to colossal data consumption and slow buffering the next time you open your browser.

On the other hand, some Android/iOS emulators claim that all you need to do is download the app to get you started. What they never told you is that their programs require at least mid-ranged specs to get them running properly. That means you will need lots of RAM, a stable gaming CPU, and a good graphics card. But, what if all you have is a potato PC or a low-end laptop?

This is where shines. On our website, all you need to do is search the mobile game you want, click on the giant PLAY NOW button to download the app, open the installer, finish the set-up and play the game directly on your desktop! That means you get to skip lots of pesky procedures like resource loading from an emulator, or to wait for the website to buffer all the necessities to start the game.

You get to play mobile games on PC like how they are supposed to be truly treated as – dedicated PC games without burning a lot of resources.

What Games Can I Find on

If it exists on mobile and on Flash-based game websites, we got it! Shooters, MOBAs, RPGs, racers, fighting, battle royale, singleplayer story-driven games, competitive multiplayer, you take your pick.

From Mobile Legends and Call of Duty to Need for Speed and Candy Crush, we got you covered! will always make sure to satisfy your handheld cravings on the desktop.

More Games and Beyond

Here at, we always thrive to continually improve every game available on the website to give you consistent gaming sessions. Soon, we will be able to provide bigger screen resolutions such as 4K gaming, and high framerates for the smoothest game performance possible.

Stay Tuned!

About is your number one download site for free games for PC, Mac, and APK.
With, you will be able to discover thousands of free unblocked games in different genres and download your preferred games. With our wide range of mini-games, our online games collection that let you have more fun while playing games with news updates about the games.

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