PNW Restoration Offers Water Damage Repair Services During Portland’s Rainy Season

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Portland’s rainy season is here, and the team at PNW Restoration is proud to offer top-rated water damage repair services to Oregon residents.

Portland, OR (PRUnderground) October 18th, 2022

Portland’s rainy season is almost here, and the team at PNW Restoration is proud to offer top-rated water damage repair services to Oregon residents. As we move closer to the start of the rainy season, residential homeowners need to know how they can protect themselves from water leaks, as well as what the consequences of water damage are.

Homes with existing roof damage are more susceptible to water leaks, especially when there is a heavy rainstorm. If not properly cared for, a roof’s shingles can become cracked or worn down, making them more likely to lift up in the event of heavy winds. Furthermore, depending on the type of shingle your roof has, it may contract in cold weather. For example, when exposed to cold temperatures, asphalt shingles will shrink in size, resulting in cracks.

These cracks make it easy for rainwater to get through and leak through your ceiling. This can be frustrating, especially if you didn’t know your roof was damaged.

After an unexpected water leak, the first thing you should do is place a bucket beneath the leak. By doing this, you can prevent the damage from getting worse. Then, snap photos of the leak for your insurance company to see if you can be reimbursed for any damage that occurred. You should also make a call to a water restoration company.

If you came home to a giant leak, you should follow these same steps. A water restoration company will remove water from the area and pull out dehumidifiers and wet vacs to properly dry the area so mold doesn’t develop. Unfortunately, mold grows in as little as 24 hours after water damage exposure. When it develops, it can trigger allergies, cause insomnia, and result in structural damage to your ceiling tiles, drywall, and floorboards.

This rainy season, don’t risk the effects of water damage. Let PNW Restoration help.

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