Polite Pest Co Adds All-natural Treatment for Exterminating Scorpions from Phoenix Homes

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Arizona pest control company that prides itself on courteous service introduces natural, eco-friendly treatment that kills scorpions without the risks of harsh chemicals.

Mesa, AZ (PRUnderground) March 27th, 2023

Scorpions are scary; scorpion control shouldn’t be. That’s the philosophy of Polite Pest, a Phoenix-area exterminator that is ridding homes of scorpions without using toxic chemicals that could harm people, pets, and the environment.

“Just like with medicine, no one wants a cure that’s worse than the disease,” said Travis Bottoms, Polite Pest co-owner. “With the harsh chemicals in many scorpion sprays, you run the risk of hurting air quality, damaging landscaping around the home, discoloring home surfaces, and hurting pets and kids who may come in contact with the spray on surfaces.”

Polite Pest presents a better way with their natural, eco-friendly scorpion control that can obliterate scorpions, including the highly venomous Arizona bark scorpions, without causing harm in other ways.

Scorpions are native to Arizona, but when humans began to pour into the state, they disturbed the arachnids’ homes, forcing them to find new ones. (Yes, scorpions are arachnids. The eight legs are a dead giveaway.) As a result, displaced scorpions commonly take up residence in areas that offer cover and protection, including attics, furniture, cabinets, and shoes. The Arizona bark scorpion, in particular, strikes fear in the hearts of Phoenix-area residents due to its venomous sting that has been known to kill babies and the elderly.

Polite Pest is happy to offer what they believe is the best natural scorpion pest control available. In addition to being gentle on people and the planet, it is also more effective than other pest solutions in the long-run.

“Pests tend to become resistant to chemicals, so you’re constantly having to rain down bigger and better chemicals to stay effective. Pests don’t develop this type of resistance to our natural treatment,” said Bottoms.

Polite Pest found its niche in Phoenix’s East Valley with its famously polite and respectful technicians. They have since expanded their pest control services into Phoenix’s West Valley, offering their signature super-fast response times and courteous service.

For more information about Polite Pest’s natural extermination techniques for scorpions and other pests (including termites, ants, roaches, spiders, bed bugs, earwigs, silverfish, and rodents), visit PolitePest.com.

About Polite Pest

Polite Pest is a pest control company that offers natural pest control services to protect families and the environment. Not only do they use organic products, they are also known for their polite interactions, making their customers feel safe and valued.

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