Pop Artist/Songwriter Willow Raye Releases Debut Single "Deja Vu" Available Now

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Debut EP To Follow

Los Angeles, CA (PRUnderground) February 22nd, 2019

Feeling a personal connection in an increasingly disconnected world can feel almost impossible, so when an instant connection occurs it feels even more significant. These are the themes emerging pop artist Willow Raye brings to listeners as she bursts onto the scene with her debut single “Deja Vu,” is now available on all major music platforms.

“It wasn’t love, but lust at first sight. I could almost tell the future, about how it was to play out between us. I felt so connected to him, that the only way I could describe it was knowing him in a past life. It was like Deja Vu… So I wrote a song about it,” Raye says about the experience that propelled her to write the single. “”Deja Vu” is about reliving the rush of lust, it’s about feeling something most of us ignore,” Raye goes on to say.

The sultry track captures the flood of feelings, sensations, and emotions that accompany the beginning of love and lust. “Deja Vu” urges listeners not to let these feelings pass them by, but to stay in the moment with them and to explore them further. Raye finds mysticism in love and passion and passes along the feeling through her music.

“Deja Vu” was written by Raye and produced by Aleksei. It was recorded at Melrose Sound in Los Angeles, CA. You can listen to “Deja Vu” on Spotify.

Raye continues to write songs and create new music. Look for her debut EP in the upcoming months. Follow her on Instagram for updates on new releases.

About Willow Raye 

Willow Raye is a pop artist and songwriter based in Los Angeles, CA who started writing songs in High School. Her signature sultry electronic sound provides a harmonious accompaniment to her female-forward lyrics and deeply emotional lyrics, creating an accessible persona that encourages listeners to remain curious and explore their thoughts. Inspired by artists like Halsey and Julia Michaels, Raye strives to serve as a role model for young women everywhere. She’s set to release her debut single “Deja Vu” in February with her debut EP to follow. Keep up with Raye on Instagram.

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