Practices To Avoid Neck & Back Pain – Explains A ThreeBestRated® Chiropractor From Montreal

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Montreal, Quebec (PRUnderground) January 19th, 2023

You know what? Almost 80% of people in this modern era experience severe neck and back pain in their lives. When this is the case, the people who work at the desk have a higher risk of experiencing neck and back pain faster than others as they bend over the desk for prolonged hours. In most cases, this pain will be chronic and severe and could be annoying and life-changing. So what could be the possible ways to reduce the risk of getting neck and back pain at work?

We reached out to The 2023 ThreeBestRated® award winner – Jocelyn Sicotte, a leading chiropractor in Montreal to get some tips and tricks to avoid neck and back pain at the desk.

Ways To Avoid Neck And Back Pain At The Desk:

Spending prolonged hours sitting in the system will exert pressure on the spinal disc. Moreover, you will push your head away from the torso to look at the screen comfortably so that your neck has to stretch to support the head, which can strain the neck muscle. So follow these tips to avoid neck and back pain.

  • Every twenty minutes, stand up and relax for two minutes to minimize the pressure exerted on the disc due to prolonged sitting.
  • Keep the screen at a higher level so that your jawline will parallel the ground. If you keep the screen lower, you will slouch down your head which stresses the neck muscles and results in neck pain.
  • Always keep the posture straight i.e your head, neck, and spinal cord should be at 90 degrees and perpendicular to the ground.
  • Maintain a good distance (20-40 inches away) from the screen to avoid leaning over the computer, which can stress the neck and back pain.

And, thus, concludes Jocelyn Sicotte. These all will help you avoid the pain. However, when the pain goes really bad, you need to visit a chiropractor like Jocelyn to get the pain treated.

Why Dr. Jocelyn Sicotte, DC?

Jocelyn Sicotte is a highly renowned chiropractor with 22+ years of experience serving people in and around Montreal, Quebec. He and his team have expertise in treating disc-related problems such as herniated discs (bulging, protrusion, extrusion), spinal stenosis, foraminal stenosis, spondylolisthesis, degenerative disc disease (DJD) of the cervical and lumbar spine. To get your problems treated, visit their website:

As a dedicated chiropractor, he takes enough time to explain to the patients their condition in detail to improve the overall functionality of his clients. Recently he has cracked a strict 50-Point Inspection of ThreeBestRated® to be honored as one of the top three chiropractors in Montreal, QC.

They provide a tight focus that leads to a higher frequency of satisfactory treatment outcomes. They aim at offering an alternative, non-surgical treatment to the clients. Currently, they plan to introduce the technology into their treatment; they will use a new phone app to monitor and track the client’s progress. Therefore they can be connected constantly with the patient 24 X 7, which ensures the efficacy of the treatment received by the patients.

Upon being awarded, Jocelyn said, “ ThreeBestRated® ensures that the patients prequalify themselves before reaching our clinic. It allows us to display our value, thus increasing the credibility of our clinic”.

About ThreeBestRated®

ThreeBestRated® was created in 2014 with the simple goal of finding the top 3 local businesses, professionals, restaurants, health care providers, and everything in-between, in any city. Every business is meticulously handpicked by our employees. We check business’s reputation, history, complaints, ratings, proximity, satisfaction, trust, cost, general excellence, reviews, and more, using our 50-Point Inspection. We only display businesses that are verified by our employees. Other places will call this “hard work” and “unnecessary”. We call it “due diligence” and “the right thing to do”. Our website is updated on a regular basis for quality and the latest business information.

ThreeBestRated® has the honor of helping 4.5 million customers every month find the best businesses in any city – without any effort!

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