Premier Record Label One Vision Inc Announces New Partnership With Hip Hop Star JXHN PVUL

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Alongside fellow OVA artist, Kurtis Hoppie, JXHN PVUL solidifies the young music label’s status as a Christian Hip Hop powerhouse.

Boise, Idaho (PRUnderground) February 29th, 2020

JXHN PVUL’s story is one of a lost young man finding greater meaning in his life. Music has always been a guiding force throughout PVUL’s life. Little did he know one day he’d join the ranks of some of the most sought after Christian artists.

His mother and uncle inspired a love for sensual guitar riffs and deep, meaningful lyrics often lacking in most mainstream music.

By 21, everything changed. In a moment of desperation, faith sliced through like a sword sharp enough to turn 1-ply toilet paper into 2-ply.

Today he lives in Lakeland, Fl with his wife. They’ll be joined by their first son in a matter of months.

What made OVA the right Christian record label for up-and-coming hip-pop artist JXHN PVUL?

One Vision Army started as a revolution. Instead of some conglomerate taking the lion’s share of their artists’ income, OVA works for the artist.

Most performers are nothing more than underpaid and overworked employees for their record label. They have to play hundreds of shows a year just to earn their keep.

It’s why big labels sign new artists like new talent could dry up at any moment. They use and abuse the artist until it’s no longer profitable for them.

One Vision Army flips this dynamic on its head. Instead of a strict contract keeping their artists’ on a leash so short it’d make your border collie start to gag, OVA only pays themselves for the work they’ve done.

Marketing and merchandising are vital to the financial success of any artist. But the artist does all the other work. So why does the label always take more than their fair share?

OVA owner Adam Hagaman decided enough was enough. By supporting his artists with the money and resources they need to make it big but only charging for the services they provide, OVA is setting an example for the rest of the industry.

In a world where anyone can upload a video and share it with millions, OVA is one of the only labels adapting to the needs of modern artists.

Check out all of One Vision Army record label and JXHN PVUL’s latest tracks and don’t forget to add them to your favorites on Spotify.

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