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With its latest offering, free online presentation software, Focusky aims to raise the bar for digital presentation delivery with its flexible, visually pleasing software

HongKong, China (PRUnderground) May 24th, 2017

Setting out to redefine the digital presentation industry, Focusky has introduced its latest offering, free online presentation software. The user-friendly online presentation software offers individuals and businesses a seamless presentation experience to better engage with their audience.

Allowing freer creative expression for marketers, the software is an animation-centric and visually-stunning way of presenting content. Its rich features are designed in such a way to connect with target customers, never losing their focus for a second.

“Focusky free online presentation software, the latest addition to our offerings, based on flash, was developed to reinvent the art of digital presentation, bringing a more exciting approach to it,” Focusky president Jason Chen explains.

Focusky free online ppt software unique features include the following:

Unlimited canvas

By simply dragging and dropping videos, text, images and animations onto an unlimited canvas, presentations are no longer restricted by the borders of a page; giving presenters a boundless base to work with.

3D transition effects

Unlike conventional slide-to-slide transitions, the 3D transition effects such as zooming, panning, and rotating allow presentations to play like a movie. Fluid transitions between topics allow content to be delivered in a more impressive, professional manner, holding the attention of the viewer more easily.


By mapping out topics of a presentation, speakers literally give their audience an insight into their thought process. Content can be logically arranged to trace the ideas of the presenter, giving the listener a birds-eye perspective of the key points shared.

Screen Recording

With a built-in screen recorder, marketers can directly record desktop activities and mouse movement to better convey complex information. Rather than installing a third-party recorder, Focusky allows users to create videos within the application.

Visual Charts

Attractive visual charts of all shapes and designs available on Focusky create a simplified experience, aiding viewers’ understanding and analysis of data. Instead of drowning an audience with jargon, text and statistics, feast their eyes instead on concise and colorful diagrams to deliver a more persuasive and interesting message.

This online presentation maker provides the Mac and Windows version for users. Everyone can have a free try now.


About Focusky

Focusky is a premium presentation creating platform to create quality animations, presentations and videos. It provides the killer business presentation tool for the users to deliver the awesome visual experience. Both Windows and Mac users can take good advantage of it to make the animated video for presentation.

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