PrincePerelson Urges Companies to Honor Workforce on Employee Appreciation Day

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Salt Lake City-based placement firm tells Utah companies to take advantage of March 6 observance to strengthen employee relations.

Salt Lake City, Utah (PRUnderground) March 4th, 2020

With over 25 years of experience helping people find and fill job vacancies in Utah, PrincePerelson understands better than most the importance of cultivating a loyal workforce. That’s why they are urging employers to take advantage of Employee Appreciation Day on March 6.

PrincePerelson & Associates is a professional placement agency serving the Greater Salt Lake City area. They offer a deep understanding of the Utah business culture and have extensive networks in a broad range of industries. This allows them to connect companies with qualified candidates who may not be accessible through traditional resources.

Employee Appreciation Day was developed in 1995 to honor the American workforce. CEO and Founder Jill Perelson said that the observance is a yearly reminder not to let employee recognition fall by the wayside amidst day-to-day business concerns.

“Salaries are important, but that’s not the only thing that keeps employees engaged,” said Perelson. “People want to be thanked and valued. March 6 is a great excuse for organizations to set aside other pressures and focus on their most critical asset—employees.”

The Perelson team suggests the following ideas for honoring employees:

  • Handwritten letters
  • Catered team lunch
  • Cake or creative snack
  • Early dismissal from work
  • Decorations (office-wide or in individual cubicles)
  • Hand-delivered flowers or plants
  • Branded swag
  • An outing (bowling, escape room)
  • Guest speaker
  • Guest service provider (manicurist, masseuse)
  • Volunteer day (time off to serve together)
  • Office upgrades (new coffee machine, snack bars, etc.)

They also urge companies to seize the day as an opportunity to create year-round programs for honoring employees. This could include something as simple as a “shout-out board” in the break room, an “employee appreciation moment” at staff meetings, or a more formal program that offers incentives for meeting designated benchmarks.

Perelson specified that Employee Appreciation Day recognitions do not need to be costly.

“We’ve seen companies skip this opportunity to honor their employees because of budget constraints, but there are many ways to thank people without spending money,” said Perelson. “A heartfelt note goes a long way as do informal, low-cost gatherings such as a team potluck or ice cream social. People are often less interested in a physical reward than they are in the validation of their efforts.”

As one of Utah’s premier recruiting firms, PrincePerelson is a strong advocate for the importance of high-touch services and strives to incorporate the human touch as they interface with both job candidates and companies. They caution employers not to get so wrapped up in processes that they forget the importance of personal connection.

“Technology is great, efficiency is critical—but people are at the core of every business,” said Perelson. “If employers keep their people happy, they will end up with a better work environment, which leads to greater productivity and retention rates.”

PrincePerelson helps employers find top talent in the areas of accounting and finance, engineering and manufacturing, technology, sales, customer service, legal, creative and marketing, administrative, and human resources.

To learn more about PrincePerelson and how they help organizations recruit and cultivate a winning workforce, visit or call (801) 532-1000.

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With over two decades in business, PrincePerelson is a recruitment firm that understands the unique culture and business needs of their industry. They foster diversity in the workforce because they believe that diversity creates partnerships which provide opportunities that fuel the economy. The company has deep networks and long-standing industry connections, allowing them to find and fill top roles quickly.

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