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Production for “GETAWAY” Announced: a Tribute to Classic Slasher/Horror – With a Twist!

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Fans of movies like “Scream” & “I Know What You Did Last Summer” have a reason to smile. A new horror film in the same spirit is in the works: “GETAWAY”, directed by Lilton Stewart III and produced by Rianne Senining and Lucinda Bruce.

Los Angeles, CA (PRUnderground) April 16th, 2019

The days of high-quality low-budget horror films are far from over. In fact, thanks to the teams behind November 11th Pictures and SorenFilms Productions, in collaboration with Emagine Content and Lady of the Light Productions, this movie niche many are so passionate about may be coming back in a big way spearheaded by the soon-to-be-released slasher horror film “GETAWAY”. Taking clear inspiration from classics in the genre but with some remarkable twists, “GETAWAY” plays off of the familiar to have viewers on the edge of their seats with something just different enough to keep the shocks, screams, and, yes, more-than-a-little blood flowing. After all, what would a good slasher be without it?

“We are extremely excited about ‘GETAWAY’ and we know horror fans are going to love it,” commented one of the writers of the film, Stef Beaton, who also stars in it as Tina Brennan, the comedic relief of the group of teens. “We are hoping this is the return to a new (maybe even better) slasher film that the audiences will love!” Said Devan Schoelen, co-writer of the film.

The film also stars Alex Brown (Earthquake Country, Dredgewood), Georgina Storm Waite (Headcase, Crazy ExGirlfriend), Rianne Senining, and British actress Charlotte Spencer as Sidney Kearns.

Rising filmmaker Lilton Stewart III will be directing in which will be his first feature after several award-winning shorts “There are so many incredible creators behind this film, and I’m honored to get to work on my first feature with our unbelievably talented cast, and in this spectacular location.” Drawing inspiration from Jordan Peele’s latest hits to create the cinematography and score for the film, he’s warns us: “Expect to have an experience that will keep you wondering what will happen next”

The plot behind “GETAWAY” is packed with pieces that will make fans of the classics smile. Teenagers with debauchery on their mind on a dreamy vacation by an isolated lake house, diving into alcohol, drugs, sex and other illicit fun before they attract the attention of someone (or something) that starts eliminating them one by one. And just like all beloved past slasher movies, there’s absolutely no shortage of humor mixed in with the horror fun.

Will they be able to get away? The odds are against them, but find out by watching “GETAWAY” and have a great time in the process.

Big Bear Lake is calling, and fans of “Scream”, “Cabin Fever”, “The Ring” and many others aren’t going to want to miss this for sure.

For more information and release dates be sure to follow @getawayfilm on all social media platforms!

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