Professional Contractor Offers Recommendations to Keep Roofs Cooler

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Jacob’s Ladder offers practical ways to reduce heat in the home naturally.

Lexington, KY (PRUnderground) January 10th, 2023

Jacob’s Ladder provides essential roofing services throughout Kentucky. With regular maintenance and care, this structural component of the home can last for decades. In the summer months, homeowners often wonder how to reduce heat in a house roof and they can also take several steps now to keep their roofs cooler to reduce heat levels in the house naturally.

By taking steps to create a cooler roof today, a home’s air conditioning usage can be dramatically reduced when those warmer summer months arrive.

Several options are available to consider when a cooler roof is desirable. Many homes can implement more than one of the following ideas.

Install Solar Panels. Do solar panels have a cooling effect? Solar panels create a reflective surface that rejects the sun’s heat from settling into the house while delivering an energy source. The extra layer between the PV installation and the roof shingles or tiles directly lowers the temperatures in that area. It allows for less air conditioning use while generating renewable electricity.

Create a Rooftop Garden. Homeowners with flat roof designs in Kentucky could consider installing a rooftop garden to keep that space cooler. Adding pots and containers with soil adds a protective layer while the plants create transpiration and evaporation for added benefits.

Use Reflective Shingles. Solar reflective tiles and shingles are one of the industry’s newest products that help to reduce energy costs. These items are specifically designed and manufactured to reflect infrared radiation and the sun’s energy to ensure the roof stays cooler.

Add Insulation. All roofs in Kentucky benefit from having updated attic insulation installed. This protective layer stops the heat from entering during the summer and leaving when it gets cold. Additional ventilation works to speed up this process.

Consider Glass Paint. Kentucky properties with metal roofs can use glass paint to reduce heat transfers. This safe product causes the sun’s energy to bounce away from the surface instead of allowing the materials to conduct it. Once this update is finished, the roof will stay at the air temperature better to ensure more comfort.

Increase Shade Options. Tall trees that cast shade over a roof can help it maintain a comfortable temperature better. Homeowners not wanting to risk storm damage from vegetation can install net or green fiber shades to create this result.

Use a Misting System. This option creates an evaporative cooling effect that could be appropriate for some properties as the sun heats the water, it cools the roof’s surface to reduce temperatures significantly. Homeowners should consult with a professional contractor before attempting this method.

Jacob’s Ladder provides more information about the cooling options for roofs in Kentucky at

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