Professional Insurance Plans Provides CRNA Protections Amid Rising Liability Risks in the Healthcare Industry

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Malpractice coverage from Professional Insurance Plans ensures CRNAs have innovative coverage options to meet their ever-changing needs.

Lexington, KY (PRUnderground) September 22nd, 2022

Professional Insurance Plans delivers several CRNA protection options through its comprehensive policies for these essential workers, including CRNA liability insurance and CRNA malpractice insurance. Nurse anesthesia professionals face numerous challenges in the healthcare industry today, so they need opportunities that evolve and grow with them throughout their careers.

CRNAs represent approximately 80% of the current anesthesia providers in rural counties throughout the United States. These hospitals are often critical access destinations, relying on independently-practicing CRNA professionals for a patient’s anesthesia care.

Approximately half of all the hospitals in the United States use CRNAs only for their obstetric care services. These professionals help to deliver pain management solutions when no physician providers are available. Their support saves some patients from driving 100 miles or more to receive the treatment they require.

Although numerous peer-reviewed studies have all confirmed that CRNA services deliver safe, high-quality solutions for patients, a self-practicing professional must have insurance protections to safeguard their finances and career access. It only takes one malpractice issue to create problems in these areas.

A CRNA could be sued for several potential reasons.

  • There was an allegedly improper treatment or intervention during the procedure.
  • The patient believes that the overall anesthesia plan or its implementation was inadequate to control their pain.
  • A medication error occurred during the treatment process.
  • There is a belief that a failure to properly or correctly monitor the patient’s condition occurred.

It is essential to remember that anyone can sue for anything under the American court system. Most lawsuits are settled out of court, often with the help of a comprehensive insurance policy. Without those assets, you could pay for a judgment or a settlement out of pocket.

Even lawsuits that don’t result in a verdict or settlement can be stressful and challenging. Professional Insurance Plans provides access to policies that protect a CRNA’s duties and decisions.

The key to a successful result as a CRNA is to reduce personal risks. Although this step doesn’t stop lawsuits from being filed, it can lower the chances of being implicated in future litigations. It is crucial to document critical data in patient records, maintain all competencies, and obtain informed consent for each procedure.

A policy from Professional Insurance Plans tailored to meet the needs of the modern CRNA can deliver numerous benefits. More information about the current policy options for nurse anesthesia professionals is available at

About the Professional Insurance Plans:

Professional Insurance Plans provides access to comprehensive, high-quality insurance policies and coverage while providing competitive rates for CRNAs and other industry professionals. We strive to deliver a one-on-one approach in each situation to ensure each person receives the protection they need for every aspect of their career. Our experienced representatives take into account each unique situation to ensure clients receive the long-lasting support they deserve.

About Professional Plans

Founded in 1991 by Greg Bellamy, Professional Plans has offered competitive insurance policies for various industries and individuals for the best part of three decades. However, working with the Professional Plans team is different from any other insurance provider; we are consultants, we work with you directly, and most importantly, we treat each client like a person and a customer, not any old number.

With these ethos and the best attitude in the business, the team now offers various popular products including life insurance, disability insurance, insurance for healthcare professionals, and more. In fact, the team even post to their blog up to four times a month with further insurance advice, all for free. That’s the difference between any “other” insurance provider and the team with you in mind from the very first call. So, for any insurance needs, packages, or queries, be sure to contact the Professional Plans team.

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