Proxsys Rx and Pack Health Outline Program That Reduced Hospital Readmissions By Nearly 40%

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Proxsys Rx and Pack Health report successful results in a yearlong program that saved a hospital more than $300,000 while reducing readmissions by nearly 40%. The Proxsys Rx program, PaaS Readmissions: Powered by Pack Health. is now expanding to other hospitals and health care systems.

Birmingham, AL (PRUnderground) April 20th, 2020

Proxsys Rx and Pack Health today announced the results of their ongoing collaboration to reduce hospital readmissions and associated costs, through the Proxsys Rx program, PaaS Readmissions: Powered by Pack Health. The yearlong effort at a rural hospital system in the Southeast, yielded a 38% reduction in readmissions for patients who engaged in the program post-discharge, compared to 2018 data. Cost savings are estimated to surpass $300,000, with further savings when accounting for reduction in readmission penalties by payors.

Proxsys Rx has worked to engage patients, basing eligibility on four target diagnostic categories that previously demonstrated high readmissions for the hospital system, such as pneumonia or COPD. “Proxsys Rx strategically extends our pharmacy operations into these types of innovative and effective programs that expand our reach beyond pharmacy walls and into the community,” says George B. Salem, CEO of Proxsys Rx.

At the time of discharge, a Proxsys Rx pharmacy representative connects with patients at bedside to assist with discharge prescriptions, counseling, Medical Therapy Management and access to financial assistance. The patient is then optionally enrolled into Pack Health’s 30-day readmissions reduction digital health coaching program. Shortly after discharge, Health Advisors contact the patient and build a supportive care relationship to better address barriers to treatment and adherence, coordinate follow up appointments with providers, and when necessary, escalate care back to Proxsys Rx or the appropriate care site.

Proxsys Rx enrolled roughly 20% of the hospital’s discharged Medicare A population. Pack Health engaged 50% of the members of this group. Only 3% of those who engaged in and completed the program were readmitted, indicating even limited participation significantly reduced readmission risk. Whereas, those who declined service or were unable to be contacted experienced a 22% readmission rate. The target group witnessed a 38% decrease in readmissions when compared to the 2018 population.

“Those who completed the program benefited physically, financially, and emotionally and were less likely to readmit than those who did not participate in the program,” says Mazi Rasulnia, Ph.D., CEO of Pack Health. “Providing warm, supportive transfers starting at discharge is instrumental in keeping people healthy at home.”

The organizations continue to collaborate in expanding the PaaS Readmissions program into other health systems, helping hospitals control costs associated with 30-day readmissions.

About Pack Health

Pack Health is a digital health coaching platform that integrates evidence-based content, metrics, and devices to deliver highly personalized human-to-human support. The high touch engagement model is proven to increase access, improve experience, and drive better health outcomes for individuals with chronic conditions. This translates to ROI for clients across industry verticals, including health systems, health plans, employers, and CME companies. Learn more at

Media Contact: Brittney Vigna, Marketing Manager, Pack Health,

About Proxsys Rx

Proxsys Rx is a healthcare solutions company providing value, revenue, and savings to our health system partners through inpatient and outpatient engagement and comprehensive pharmacy programs. Benefits include readmission risk reduction, 340B savings, employee benefit cost savings, and improved patient satisfaction. Services include onsite retail pharmacy, 340B administration, personalized and digital patient engagement and management, and employee health benefit program management.

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