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Curious about psychics and if they are real? Have a burning issue that you would like some insight on? Ask a free question and find out for yourself.

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Ask Psychic Joan Marie Lawson your free psychic question and receive answers that bring real results. Joan Marie personally answers your question, be it love or career, so you can test her ability to connect to you. Wondering about a relationship situation? Have you hit a bump or plateau in your career?

Not only are answers given as to the true emotions and intentions towards you from the people involved in your situation, be it love or work,  but Joan also gives practical solutions to empower you to bring about the best results for your situations. She helps you formulate a plan of action to achieve your goals.

With 17 years of giving advice, Joan has led many who were beating their heads against a wall to that moment of epiphany where a simple shift in approached brought desired results that had been so elusive before. When it comes to love, sometimes it is as simple as a change in one area of behavior, other times it is necessary to make a complete shift. The point is when what you have been doing has not been working, it is time to do something different. Understanding where the other party is truly coming from is a big step. Knowing how to use that information is even more valuable.

Career can be a different issue. sometimes you are dealing with tricky behavior that is the result of issues concerning the egos of co workers and superiors. In these cases understanding what is really going on in the minds of the various players is invaluable.

Having some really good advice on how to best deal with these situations is priceless. The point here is knowing how to get the upper hand. Having a little inside info is what a psychic is for. Having a bit of advice on how to use that info is what a good adviser does. To ask Joan your question go to Or you may email her at

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