Qoreboard ignites way to boost productivity and happiness with employees

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Overview of Qoreboard’s humble beginnings and the birth of a performance and communications-based platform that is bridging business gaps at all levels of companies.

Katy, TX (PRUnderground) August 2nd, 2019

­­On January 1st of 2019, Mike Midgett, a marketing and communications leader and Jeremy Johnston, a digital technology leader in the Houston area, launched what could be one of the most disruptive technology companies of the year. Focused on developing a tool that leads to better performance from employees by inspiring them to win, Mike and Jeremy created Qoreboard to assist managers in developing their staff in a fun and culture-focused way.

For the past 25+ years Mike Midgett has been an executive for some of the biggest telecommunications and industrial companies in the world. During this time, Mike saw a universal flaw that was hindering growth of employees across each company. Midgett realized that often, companies promoted their top performers to manage teams in hopes of replicating that individual’s success on a larger, more profitable scale. The consistent problem with this is two-fold. You immediately lose your top producing employee since they are no longer speaking directly with customers and you are left with an ill prepared manager who doesn’t know how to get other people to do what they can do naturally. Mike saw that newly promoted Managers were rarely trained on how to lead and communicate effectively with their teams. These individuals obviously knew how to build business and hustle, but beyond that, were never trained on how to duplicate their formula for success. They needed a tool to help them and their teams be more successful.

Qoreboard is essentially a goal-focused platform for any employee at an organization to use to transform their day-to-day activities into goal-driven performance. So how does this work? The web-based platform leverages three features to drive overall performance. First, visuals show how you have been performing each day. Second, Qoreboard sets Microgoals™ which are hour by hour goals that help you hit your overall targets. Third, Qoreboard will send you notifications that celebrate wins and motivate you to stay on track.  The notifications also recommend Microadjustments™ that direct users on exactly how to improve their performance.  Qoreboard also gives managers the ability to send personal messages to employees and automates the process by recommending the right message to send at the right time to the right employee. Qoreboard is meant to be a tool that assists and augments the job of any leader at any level. As a manager you can also see real-time success data from your team to maintain a better handle on performance statistics.

Since rolling out Qoreboard this year, customers that have implemented the platform have already seen a massive improvement in sales, internal communication and employee retention. ThirdLove, a rapidly growing woman’s apparel company based out of San Francisco was an early adopter of Qoreboard for their customer contact center and has seen massive success in using the platform

Mike and Jeremy are proud to call Katy, Texas home and look forward to continuing to build Qoreboard’s headquarters there, with the hope of growing a tech-hub in their city.

For more info contact Qoreboard at info@qoreboard.com


QOREBOARD will accelerate performance and drive profit in your organization.

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