Qoreboard is Disrupting Performance Improvement Through Goal-Focused Software

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Qoreboard, a technology startup in Katy, TX is disrupting the Performance Improvement Industry by providing a tool that enables people to win every hour of every day.

Katy, TX (PRUnderground) August 8th, 2019

Qoreboard, a technology startup in Katy, TX is disrupting the Performance Improvement Industry in ways that add more transparency and value in the development of employees. Performance Improvement Plans (PIP) have a long history of being unsuccessful in the long run, which often takes form in buying time prior to making personnel changes.

Mike Midgett and his team at Qoreboard believe that their software removes the need of PIP’s in a business by personalizing growth models to fit each and every individual at a company, while also connecting the dots for Management involvement.

The Qoreboard platform targets this as well as two other main areas where the traditional PIP process falls short.

PIP focuses on quick fixes, not root problems

Performance Improvement Plans often focus on identifying the obvious/immediate problems in individuals without looking at ongoing and long-term challenges. The Qoreboard platform is the perfect solution for targeting this. Qoreboard’s dashboard technology is built in a way that targets Microgoals™ for individuals giving them a visual tool that pushes them to proactively reach their potential in a healthy way, while also capturing success data for their Managers. This means that each employee can be analyzed on their day by day success in a value driven model. Instead of quick fixes, the Qoreboard platform is giving its customers the ability to give positive feedback and constructive criticism to their employees in a way that targets ongoing performance plans for each individual’s growth.

Translating Performance into Revenue

PIP plans seem to generally be focused on grading each employee and then pushing them into a quick 30 day “change” plan without looking holistically at the individual and the company overall. Qoreboard’s main purpose is to give companies visibility in their performance in a way to boost productivity by looking at their communications and overall culture. Without communicating effectively to your employees and developing them in a healthy way, it is impossible to streamline growth while developing an “award-winning culture”.  Qoreboard’s system includes a communication tool where employees and managers can communicate in a goal-focused way, providing transparency to the employee while giving growth data and training capabilities for managers to use with the employee.

If you can’t give businesses the ability to analyze departmental success on a day by day basis, how can you truly boost performance of individuals and teams. Qoreboard fixes this issue by the utilization of beautiful software. Companies that use Qoreboard have also seen a boost in employee retention and overall moral.

To learn more about how Qoreboard can add value to your business, check them out on the web at www.qoreboard.com


QOREBOARD will accelerate performance and drive profit in your organization.

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