Qoreboard: The Digital Approach to KPI Success

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Businesses throw the word KPI around so much that it has become a mundane filler for "get to work". Qoreboard builds transparency in KPI's and business goals through their digital platform.

Texas (TX) (PRUnderground) August 13th, 2019

How many times have you been in a meeting where Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) have been brought up? Business are always pushing ways to grade employee performance and boost profits, but often times fail at developing true KPI’s that provide transparent goals to the employees and ultimately better data back to management. Without a complete understanding of each KPI and how their job is affected by them, employees often times play guessing games, hoping that their work ethic makes up for not fully understanding what is required of them.

With business buzzwords like KPI flying around the corporate world, Qoreboard CEO, Mike Midgett and his team developed a tool to help bridge the communications gap between leadership and their employees. Qoreboard landed on developing a cutting-edge dashboard technology that gives businesses the ability to create structured goals for their employees and communicate with them through AI as they progress throughout each day. What does this mean? It means full transparency for each employee as to what their KPI’s are and how they are reflected in their daily goals.

Companies that have migrated their sales staff and call centers over to Qoreboard have seen massive increases in employee performance and overall retention. This all goes to say that transparency, integrity and overall black and white communication with your employees result in increased performance and happiness; ultimately resulting in an uptick in revenue.

If you find your business in a lull and can’t seem to find a way to make strong connections between your employees and their managers, schedule a demo of Qoreboard today and see how they can bridge the gap. Check out their site at www.qoreboard.com


QOREBOARD will accelerate performance and drive profit in your organization.

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