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K-12 and higher education awardees to receive recognition for outstanding efforts in service of quality assurance practices in online courses

Annapolis, MD (PRUnderground) October 11th, 2022

Quality Matters (QM) — the international leader for quality assurance in online and innovative digital teaching and learning environments — is pleased to announce the recipients of six awards intended to celebrate institutions and individuals who have demonstrated an exceptional dedication to quality in digital learning. Their noteworthy commitment to improve learner outcomes includes the use of course review tools, professional development and QM’s research-supported Standards in an effort to build quality assurance processes.

The Ron Legon Leadership Award for Quality Digital Education is reserved for singular contributors to the mission of continuous improvement in digital learning. QM and MarylandOnline (MOL) are pleased to bestow this award upon Dr. Enoch Park, Online Learning Specialist, University of North Carolina at Charlotte. The award recognizes Dr. Park’s unquestionable impact on the landscape of digital learning through his steadfast devotion to the pursuit of quality assurance. Dr. Park’s documented history of outstanding leadership expressed through policies, practices, resources, and action is recognized for its impact on faculty and staff, leading to measurable improvements in course quality for students.

“I am humbled to represent more than 3600 QM members among the UNC System Institutions to receive this recognition on behalf of their dedication for quality assurance in digital education, relentless effort for improvement for excellence, and especially, for our member’s heartfelt commitment to the success of every student,” said Dr. Park.

Additionally, Quality Matters will grant educators in its community with the 2022 QM Making a Difference for Students Awards in recognition of superior work in quality assurance at their institutions. The recipients of the 2022 QM Making a Difference for Students Awards are:

  • Outstanding Impact by an Individual in Higher Education: Erin Blauvelt, Managing Instructional Designer at Clarkson University — Erin Blauvelt is recognized for her extraordinary efforts in quality assurance at Clarkson University, expressed through the design of a six-week workshop for faculty rooted in the Quality Matters Higher Education Rubric. Through her efforts in this workshop, the institution has seen major improvements in faculty understanding of core principles of course design as well as student interest and engagement.

  • Outstanding Impact by a U.S. Higher Education Organization: University of Toledo (OH) — The University of Toledo (OH) is recognized for its successful scaling of quality assurance measures throughout its course offerings. The University has demonstrated a clear and evident commitment to quality by achieving QM certification for over 130 of its courses to date, in addition to creating and delivering professional development on course quality to hundreds of its faculty members. As a result, the University has seen reduced drop rates, and increased course GPAs — clear marks of improvement in student outcomes.

“Recognition from the award will further inspire UToledo Online to provide high quality services and inspire more faculty members and administrators to embrace QM standards and advance the culture of high-quality online education at our university.” said Dr. Mingli Xiao, Associate Director of Instructional Design and Development. “The award tells students that their instructors care about their learning and are dedicated to creating and facilitating quality online courses.”

  • Outstanding Impact by a Non-U.S. Higher Education Organization: Instituto Tecnológico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey — Instituto Tecnológico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey is recognized for its commitment to aligning its entire catalog of 440 centrally managed digital courses at the high school, professional and graduate levels to QM standards, ensuring quality across the spectrum of education offered at the institution. Additionally, the organization was instrumental in the translation of the Quality Matters rubric into Spanish, a contribution whose singular impact will undoubtedly impact thousands of learners across the world.

  • Outstanding Impact by a K-12 Organization or Individual: North Carolina Virtual Public School — North Carolina Virtual Public School has proven itself a leader in K-12 quality assurance practices by working towards the ambitious and impressive goal of achieving QM certification for 100% of its internally developed courses. To date, it has certified 82 courses — more than 72% of its base catalog of digital learning options.

“As one of the largest state-led virtual schools in the nation, NC Virtual embraces the responsibility we have for demonstrating excellence in online learning,” said Jennifer Nobles, Curriculum Director. “NC Virtual desires to be a beacon of excellence for others pursuing online learning, and this award recognizes the importance of setting and achieving high standards for online learning.”

QM is also proud to bestow the Directors’ Award for Exceptional Service to Quality Matters upon Amy Grincewicz, Director of Instructional Design at Kent State University. Dr. Grincewicz has made a major mark on the University’s deepening investment in quality assurance, bringing QM practices and certification to several courses through her roles as a QM-certified Master Reviewer and facilitator of three QM professional development workshops. The Directors’ Award for Exceptional Service to Quality Matters serves to recognize her extraordinary contribution to quality assurance efforts in service of learners at Kent State and beyond.

Awards will be presented at the upcoming QM Connect Conference, whose theme is “Expanding Possibilities.” The conference takes place at the Loews Ventana Canyon Resort in Tucson, Arizona, November 6–9, 2022. Pre-conference workshops will be held on November 6, followed by three days of interactive, engaging sessions and networking events from November 7–9.

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