QualityLine uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to enable factories to become digital without installing any hardware

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Software company deliveries easy data integration and business advantage to any size of industry worldwide with its advanced AI recognition technology. Solution captures any anomaly detection of quality and yield for each product and process and tells the manufacturer what should be improved.

Detroit, MI (PRUnderground) August 27th, 2020

Artificial Intelligence (AI)  and Machine learning (ML) are becoming fundamental for the manufacturing sector and QualityLine has made it possible for any size of factory to use the power of AI to improve quality and efficiency as never before. 

QualityLine’s reconized technology uses advanced algorithms that will automatically analyse any data structure accumulated during the manufacturing process regardless of factory’s size, location worldwide or industrial protocols. The solution has been calling attention to the smart manufacturing market.

”We actually map each data structure. The scanning process is done automatically and it is based on AI pattern recognition technology that enables us to automatically map each structure.” tells Eyal Kaufman, QualityLine founder & CEO who is a former Executive of Intel’s Mobileye.

The company’s great competitive advantage makes it possible for any factory to become digital without installing any hardware, which are very expensive and lengthy processes of existing data integration solutions in the market  ”Our software AI technology can be installed in the local servers in the factories, or in the cloud, and then continuously capture any data structure and reorganize it all in a unified global database.” says the CEO. 

QualityLine uses their AI technology to capture any anomaly detection of quality and yield for each product and each process and show what should be fixed. The findings of this anomaly detection are shown in a user friendly platform to enable a quick and accurate root cause analysis for the manufacturing teams. For the top management, the online monitoring dashboard of all facilities worldwide deliveries an automated monitoring on cost of efficiency and quality.

Key improved performances based on QualityLine’s customers are a 30% increase in quality and yield in the first year and a 50%reduction on client returns on faulty products. In addition, the deployment of AI in manufacturing reduces materials waste, performs predictive maintenance, and more.

The company’s manufacturing analytics also brings correlation between tests and parameters. This is a significant capability that enables the engineering and R&D teams from industries to improve the level for manufacturability of their products. Using AI to predict manufacturing requirements, companies can also improve product testability, enhancing a product design and new introduction (NPI) process, managing market seasonality of demand.

About QualityLine

QualityLine is a software company specialised in manufacturing analytics. The company brings 25 years of experience in manufacturing management of more than 100 mass production lines as corporate companies, such as GE, Molex and Emerson Electric.

QualityLine offers a ‘one-stop solution’ to turn a factory digital using AI and machine learning technology. Its AI pattern recognition solution automatically integrates, interprets and analyses any type of manufacturing data in real time and from any factory worldwide.

QualityLine’s competitive advantage is that, unlike other solutions in the market, it’s a 100% software solution. That means that no hardware installation is required and the entire set up process is done remotely. The factory can keep its existing machines and manufacturing process.

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