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Quartile 3 Robotics Revolutionizing Order Taking at Fast Food Restaurants

Industry: Technology

Q3 Robotics Introduces a Humanoid Robot to the Quick Serve Industry

Miami Beach, FL (PRUnderground) June 24th, 2019

Quartile 3 Robotics, a technology company specializing in autonomous robotic solutions for retail and commercial applications, announced the release of their latest product, a humanoid robot designed to solve issues currently plaguing the Quick Service Industry. The rising cost of labor and consumer preference for faster service options are forcing Quick Service Restaurants (QSR) to adopt the latest technology to survive. Self-serve kiosks have been implemented at thousands of US Fast Food Restaurants but the technology is expensive and already antiquated by the release of a robot that can intelligently converse with humans.

The Q3 Order Bot uses Quartile 3’s proprietary Natural Language Processing Software and Artificial Intelligence to converse with customers. Unlike chatbots, which utilize a simplistic question and answer tree, the Q3 Bot has been programmed to understand and learn human verbal speech patterns. Carl Sconnely, CEO and President of Quartile 3 Robotics, explained, “The spoken language is riddled with shortcuts, implied nouns and subject matters. Our AI can decipher and understand the true intent of the sentence giving it the ability to converse and record an order as if it were a human.”

About Quartile 3 Robotics

Quartile 3 Robotics (Q3 Robotics) was founded with the vision of providing economical Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) solutions for a variety of traditionally manual labor tasks in retail and commercial applications. The autonomous platforms are designed to deliver high-performing solutions that seamlessly merge robots, software, and people. In a commercial environment, the collaboration of people and AMRs augments the capabilities of existing staff allowing organizations to scale operations while lowering costs and ensuring consistent results.

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