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Nearly 600 people have signed the petition, which aims to see intersection of Westwood and Rochester St. renamed

Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA (PRUnderground) December 27th, 2022

Radio Iran has signed a petition on supporting the renaming of a local intersection to “Mahsa Amini”.

On September 13, 2022, 22-year old Mahsa was arrested by The Guidance Patrol in Iran and subsequently beaten because the religious morality police said she was improperly wearing her hijab. Mahsa’s injuries were so severe that she died three days later while still in police custody. Authorities released a statement that Mahsa died of a heart attack and fell into a coma before being transported to a local hospital, but eyewitness accounts said otherwise.

This story has sent a shock wave around the world, stirring support for human rights in Iran. Mahsa is just one of many who have been imprisoned, tortured, killed, and executed for simply exercising basic rights in Iran.

A recent petition has launched to show support in Los Angeles by renaming the intersection of Westwood and Rochester St. to “Mahsa Amini”. This intersection is in the Persian community of L.A., where many Persian individuals and businesses are found. On December 14, 2022, the West Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce anonymously approved a motion for the renaming, and the request was sent to Los Angeles City Council District 5 for consideration. People are showing their support for this initiative by signing the petition, which has already met more than half its goal.

Radio Afghan Los Angeles is also showing support for this cause and has signed the petition.
Roozbeh Farahanipour, President at West Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce,  said, “Since the Islamic Republic occupied Iran, Westwood became not only home to many exiled Iranians but is now recognized as the capital of Iranian opposition and the center of Iranian-American businesses. Westwood has never welcomed the Islamic Republic flag; the Lion and Sun remain the only recognized Iranian flag here. After the women’s revolution, the West Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce realized the community deserves to keep this timeline of movement as a highlight for all Angelenos with a landmark in Tehrangeles.”

According to Elham Yaghoubian, Iran expert and CFO of the West Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce, “Mahsa Amini became a symbol of resistance, women’s rights, and freedom not only the tyrannic regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran but all across the world. Her name meanwhile resonates as a parable for all female individuals across the globe who want to be vocal in standing for equity and women’s rights. We must not forget her name, hence, designating the name of this square as Mahsa Amini will encourage female migrants from suppressive countries and also their peers to be more aware of their rights and privileges.”

You can sign the petition now at and get the latest updates in Persian Radio News & Information 24/7.

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