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Most Musicians Are Approaching The Promotion Of Their Music ALL Wrong (And It's Not Doing Your Chances Of Long Term Success Any Favours)

London, UK (PRUnderground) September 18th, 2020

Any musician that has seriously tried to make some headway in the industry knows how hard it is to stand out from the noise.

The digital age is great. It makes your music easily accessible to billions of people. Something impossible 50 years ago. One small problem.

Your music is easily accessible and so is the music of 100,000,000+ talented musicians.

So how do you stand out? How do you get noticed?

The answer consists of 5 key areas. These are TV, Radio, YouTube, Press and Spotify (TRYPS).

If you want to create success in the industry you need TRYPS working in harmony together to give you the best possible chance.

That’s where we come in.

We are the world’s no.1 experts when it comes to TRYPS. We have been voted the Worlds Best Music Plugging And Press Promotion Service 2020 and have 38,000 verified contacts across the globe.

We have links with major news providers in the UK and USA meaning we get your music featured on places like CNN, NBC and Fox to just name a few.

Furthermore, we create a personalized musician’s profile for you which we use to promote your music to our radio and press contacts.

We then provide bi-weekly reports that show you who has listened to your music and more importantly downloaded for broadcast.

The best part. We are SO confident that we WILL deliver results, if you don’t get any radio plays, we will give you a 100% Money Back Guarantee No Questions Asked.

If you are SERIOUS about making music your full-time earner, working with us is a NO BRAINER decision.

About Ltd

We deliver music to over 30,000 verified radio station and press contacts worldwide. We guarantee a professional service, ensuring we maintain our relationships with radio stations and press contacts worldwide. We help musicians get heard and playlisted by an incredible amount of radio stations and reviewed by press contacts worldwide. We pride ourselves on being able to deliver an unparalleled level of promotion on a global scale. We built the world’s biggest verified database of radio station and press contacts and around that, we built a service that helps our artists get their music heard by as many industry contacts as possible.

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