Presents: Big City from Dutch singer-songwriter and producer Felicia Catharina

Industry: Entertainment & Games

Track Title: Big City (From the EP 'Control') Genre: Pop Launch Date: 17th February 2023 ISRC Code: QZDA62309246

London, United Kingdom (PRUnderground) March 6th, 2023

Felicia Catharina is a Dutch multicultural singer-songwriter and producer. Her music is Pop, R&B, hip-hop and dance orientated. Felicia uses her skills to create her own music compositions and mix all of the genres together, to create her own ‘flavour’.Her sound is comparable to artists such as Tinashe, Jhené Aiko and Kelela. Felicia’s lyrics are ‘raw’ and ‘authentic’, she does not like to ‘polish’ the emotions in her songs. This makes her very real and relatable. She gets her inspiration from her own life circumstances and from other people’s stories.

Artists who have had a big influence throughout her musical journey are; Beyoncé, Rihanna, The Weeknd, Kaytranada and Grimes. As an independent artist and producer, she knows exactly how to make the music fit her voice. When she suddenly gets a new idea, she can immediately turn her concepts into a beat. Her unique music productions, combined with her powerful voice, always touches the audience.

In January 2021, she released her debut EP Beats from the Heart. In May 2022, Felicia’s were vocals featured in the 48 Hour Film Project Arnhem, which won the 2nd Place Best Film along with 5 other awards. Felicia says, “Music is my way of connecting to people and awakening their emotions. Music gives me a voice, allowing me to uniquely express myself. This way, I’m also able to tell my life stories and share my emotions with others.”.

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