RankPay: Will Content Writing Services Be The New SEO Trend of 2016?

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Dated SEO tactics no longer have the relevance they once did. Content writing services are becoming the new SEO trend for 2016.

New York, United States (PRUnderground) November 24th, 2015

Content writing services have become the new SEO for 2016. Google’s updates have shifted the entire industry to focus on storytelling through content marketing, rather than link building for the sake of links.

“Instead of relying on SEO to boost your online business, the focus is now on developing content,” says Christopher Benitez, a content marketer and freelance writer who shares his knowledge on his site.

Dated SEO tactics no longer have the relevance they once did. Years ago all it took was building links to your site to get higher rankings in Google. Now it takes a laser focused content marketing strategy.

With this new focus on quality, content marketers and freelance bloggers are seeing a boost in business as the need for content continues to rise. According to MarketingProfs, there are more than 2,000,000 blog posts every day. This number continues to rise each year, but even as the quantity grows, Google’s algorithm is reinforcing what users want: useful content.

“Google’s Knowledge Graph and instant answers will necessitate a shift toward long-form content,” says Forbes contributor Jayson DeMers. “It now appears for the vast majority of long-tail search queries, providing users with instant answers and information to common questions.

“This sophisticated form of answer provision is removing the need to click any websites in the search results, reducing traffic to the traditional web pages that used to be their destination. In short, traffic to web pages that provide quick answers is starting to diminish, which will force content marketers to seek refuge in more complicated and more difficult topics.”

The bottom line: companies who want to succeed online need to invest in content writing services to make an impact on growth. There are plenty of studies that back this up. Companies with active blogs generate 55 percent more site visits, 97 percent more links to their websites, and their pages get indexed a whopping 434 percent more often.

Here’s how companies can get ramp up their content marketing efforts and keep with 2016 SEO trends:

  1. Create a content marketing plan. It’s important to have a direction for your efforts. It starts with proper keyword research and extends to creating a content calendar that targets the keywords that convert for your customers.
  2. Invest in content writing services. Blogging requires a heavy time investment. Unless you have someone in-house that can handle blogging and promotion, you’re much better off handing it off to a company or freelance writer to scale your campaign.
  3. Focus on long-form content. Most pieces of content found on the first page of Google have a word count of 1200+. Google’s algo now favors in-depth content that is useful and delivers value.
  4. Don’t forget about content promotion. Producing content is half the battle — getting your articles and posts in front of your audience is just as important. Every solid content marketing campaign should have a defined promotion strategy.

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