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Real Lyrics are Back: Rapper Lexxi Meshan Returns From a Hiatus More Powerful & Moving Than Ever

Industry: Entertainment & Games

Black women now have a conscious lyricist advocating for them – and for black men too. Lexxi Meshan is an industry veteran, with a renewed energy and focus, who is using her skills to uplift her community.

Atlanta, GA (PRUnderground) July 14th, 2020

Equal parts Atlanta and New York Lexxi Meshan is back after a four year hiatus. A skilled lyricist who can go bar for bar with any MC in the game, Lexxi’s return is with a more serious focus, presentation, and direction. With ten years experience behind the mic while she may be a fresh face for most, her flow and delivery is clearly professional and experienced. Lexxi recently celebrated dropping her first release since her return the high energy “DGAF”. No surprise to any who know her the discussions are already occurring putting her name in the mix as one of best women lyricists active today. And this is just the start of her big comeback.

“It took a lot to get me where I am today and all of the lessons have been extremely valuable,” commented the passionate songwriter.

Lexxi’s early work, while showing signs of her ability as a lyricist is a far cry from where she is today, with a grown-up focus, delivery, and sense of responsibility. Proudly, she has left her old music out there for fans to explore. The difference is very clear, but so is the message. Lexxi is showing a document of her hard work, while also delivering a personal example that growth is possible, and smarter lyrics from the heart can be the foundation of amazing songs.

“DGAF” showcases her unique flow, complicated rhyme patterns, and insightful writing style. All over a hot, infectious beat. Check out the video here.

Expect the rest of 2020 stepping into 2021 to be big for Lexxi Meshan. She’s most definitely in the right place, with the right message, at the right time.

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About Lexxi Meshan

Lexxi Meshan is an independent rap artist and entrepreneur on the rise representing New York and Atlanta full force.

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