Explain Why Bitcoin and Real Estate Investing are Joining Forces

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Bitcoin offers the potential for entrepreneurs to reduce third-party fees and high transactions involved in real estate lending. The details can be eye opening.

Oklahoma City, OK (PRUnderground) November 17th, 2017

There’s no doubt among experts and the casually curious alike that the Crypto-Bitcoin space is indeed blowing-up, but depending on perspective the volatility can either draw investors in like honey or repel like vinegar. However, some entrepreneur’s experienced with risk are working hard on developing the upside of this emerging market. One of the new leaders in this drive is House Kings Home Buyers, LLC and Founder and CEO Cory Boatright. Boatright and, a strategic consulting and real estate investing educational platform that is responsible for a combined 1,000 closings and nearly a 100m in total sales volume focused on wholesale/flips with their partners and affiliates, are making a compelling argument, suggesting that real estate and Bitcoin should be natural partners and doing their best to open eyes to possibilities in this area.

“I think Bitcoin is the beginning of a new frontier and how we view the exchange of our currency, handle e-commerce, and offer other products and consulting services to investors,” commented Boatright. “It’s time we adopt a new way of thinking, and that means accepting a peer-to-peer digital Bitcoin as a newer form of payment to serve our real estate investing clients even better.”

Some of the biggest names in business may be proving Boatright isn’t too far off, with the recent announcement of companies like and making a decision to start accepting Bitcoin as payment. Others like Home Depot, CSV, Kmart, Sears, and tech-giant are allowing eGifter to use Bitcoin to process transactions, ensuring they’re secure too.

With the Real Estate Market Size growing from $7.1 trillion in 2015 to $7.4 trillion in 2016, currency movements effectively reduced the size of the global real estate investing market by approximately 2.3% in the dollar (USD) terms according to MSCI Research, the question many are asking – Can Bitcoin be a positive disruptor to save on third-party fees and high transactions exchanges from lending? Boatright is certainly betting on it and offering the same opportunity now to his clients to pay for coaching tuition and education from their digital wallets.

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