Red5 Pro Partners with Nomad

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To Deliver Real-Time Streaming, Scaled, and Managed

Boston, MA (PRUnderground) November 29th, 2022

Nomad is now providing real-time video delivery powered by Red5 Pro’s real-time distribution technology on Nomad’s intuitive cloud-based content and asset management platform. Red5 Pro, whose technology is revolutionizing real-time low latency live video streaming, utilizes WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) in their Experience Delivery Network (XDN), to provide web browsers and mobile applications with real-time interactive communication capabilities to build powerful video and voice services.

Our partnership with Red5 will now provide our customers with a paradigm shift in real-time low latency live streaming technology, making it incredibly easy to use and adopt.

  • Adam Miller, President of Nomad

Customers across many industries require high-quality video with sub-second latency for their services to be viable. There is a need to create interactive live streams for mission-critical real-time web applications delivering command, control, and communications. One early customer utilizes the solution for their law enforcement drones, where live video is critical for drone control as well as real-time situational awareness in pursuit or monitoring scenarios. Additional challenges also arise when operating in low bandwidth environments that still require continuous live video, e.g. remote locations with poor bandwidth coverage or natural disaster situations. In these more restrictive environments, support for multiple browsers, adaptive bit-rate (ABR) transcoding ladders, and device support without the installation of software or plugins to support low latency is also a must.

It has been such a pleasure working with Nomad. As like-minded innovators, they inspire us to push harder. Our partnership has resulted in an easy-to-use managed service for live, real-time experiences that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise.

  • Chris Allen, CEO of Red5 Pro

The ability to deliver live streaming video with the lowest latency possible is now available with Red5 Pro’s WebRTC support in the Nomad platform. With this upgrade, customers can:

  • Utilize interactive live video streams anywhere across the world from broadcaster to subscriber in near-instant, sub-500 milliseconds of round trip latency.
  • Rely on quality UDP-based streams for consistent, first-rate broadcasts even in the most difficult conditions.
  • Easily start and stop the live broadcast with 1-Click Broadcast “easy button.”
  • Expect a broadcast that, once set up within Nomad, stays in sync with the camera and turns on/off without Nomad administrator intervention.
  • Enjoy Multi-Browser Support with Web Standard-certified WebRTC that can encode and decode directly in all modern browsers, plugin-free on any laptop, tablet, smartphone, or browser-enabled device.

About the Nomad Platform

Nomad is a cloud-native content management and content distribution platform built on AWS that seamlessly merges cloud-based asset management with the power of AI/ML into one unified, easy-to-use system. Backed by the power of AWS Media Services, Nomad can intake and distribute an unlimited number of simultaneous video streams. Nomad also offers live channel management and broadcasting, stream scheduling, DRM support, deep search, interoperability with Adobe Creative Suite and Zoom, and many other advanced features to support video operations.  Serverless and scalable, Nomad is deployable within hours and has pre-built integration for a multitude of AWS and 3rd party services and systems.

About Red5 Pro

From our open-source roots in 2005 to our current XDN ecosystem, Red5 Pro has been on a mission to accelerate how people connect, learn, and play. With custom real-time interactive streaming solutions for industries as diverse as sports, education, and surveillance and security, we are a proven partner for creating scalable workstreams that power experiences for the emerging metaverse and beyond.

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