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Reddy Kancharla Launches New Blog Site on Construction & Engineering

Industry: Real Estate

Individuals who are interested in learning more about the dynamic fields of construction and civil engineering can now take advantage of a brand-new educational blog website by leading construction engineer Reddy Kancharla.

New York, NY (PRUnderground) February 11th, 2020

The website, which can be found at, features Kancharla’s insights into civil engineering as well as construction in general. For instance, Kancharla discusses building design, systems development, and quality assurance. He also uses the new website to highlight engineering best practices, theories, and principles for current engineers as well as those interested in becoming engineers.

What the Website Offers                                                                     

Reddy Kancharla decided to create the website due to the combination of his expansive industry expertise and his passion for helping engineers to thrive in this critical career field. Kancharla has more than 25 years of experience completing work on residential and commercial buildings, structures designed to retain earth, roadway and bridge structures, and both deep and shallow foundations. During his extensive career, Kancharla has excelled in the areas of construction activity planning and scheduling, budgeting, contract administration, and construction supervision.

On his blog website, readers will be able to find how they can grow their leadership and business skills as engineers so that they can elevate their careers by assuming extra roles outside of their technical ones. In addition, readers who are interested in becoming engineers can discover how to get into the specific field of geotechnical engineering, a specialty area that Kancharla knows in depth. They can find out how to design deep and shallow foundations for a variety of structure types, for instance.

In addition, online visitors to Kancharla’s website can get a good glimpse at how to handle structural failures, as well as the remedial designs associated with them. In fact, Kancharla plans to explore the various construction discrepancies that he has encountered during his career, along with the process he used to correct these issues through action planning.

Blogs on the Website

On the new website by Reddy Kancharla, readers can read blogs describing structural repair/maintenance. In addition, they can learn about what causes structural failures and how to prevent them. Other blogs provide detailed information on how quality control differs from quality assurance in the construction field.

Furthermore, readers can explore blogs on what construction engineering involves and even on how to design and analyze both deep and shallow foundations.

Kancharla’s chief goal with his new website is to inspire more people to enter the in-demand engineering field, as well as to promote public awareness about the importance of well-executed civil engineering in modern society.

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