Writing the Perfect Headline Title

The headline is the most important part of your social media press release. It is the first impression you will make with the reader. If it is not a compelling, people will not click on it. 80% of people read headline copy only.

Below are tips which will help you write that perfect headline:

  1. Make sure your headline is engaging: It is the first impression not only to readers but to search engines, social media..etc
  2. Research trending keywords:  Using trending keywords in your title will significantly increase your exposure. Google loves trending news and so do people.
  3. Use search terms you wish to rank on in the headline: This is extremely important. Remember, you will rank on Google News within minutes. Why not take advantage of this by using a search term you wish to rank on.
  4. Keep your headline to a maximum of 70 characters including spaces: Not doing so will cause your title to be cut off on Google News. Google only reads the first 70 characters.
  5. Do not use all capital letters in your headline: Readers consider this shouting. Google considers it spammy. You may not appear on Google News if you do this. You can capitalize the first letter of each word.
  6. Do not add a date in the headline: Adding a date in your headline can kill your release. You want your release to be viewed for as long as possible. Adding a date with just expire your release.

If you follow theses tips, you will have a better chance at ranking for a hard to rank on keyword, grab readers attention and make your release go viral.

Feel free to read my Killer SEO tips when writing a social media press release for more info.