Rever Launches Solution for Connected Workers at the Frontline to Run and Troubleshoot Daily Operations

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Rever Routines closes the loop between standardization and continuous improvement to drive operational excellence at the frontline

San Mateo, CA (PRUnderground) September 21st, 2021

Today, Rever Inc., the leading Frontline Operational Excellence company for production and manufacturing companies announces a major upgrade of Rever RoutinesTM. Rever’s SaaS platform enables the frontline to leverage standard processes to collaborate and take direct action that improves performance by addressing acute issues, solving problems, and executing improvement ideas. The addition of Digital Checklists allows Rever RoutinesTM users to digitize and standardize their audits, preventive checks, troubleshooting, or any other process sequence. These processes are then assigned and scheduled to frontline workers who capture their observations and launch tasks to resolve any issues.

Today’s leaders are investing into their frontline operations to ensure their strategic plans are transformed into reality. Frontline Operational Excellence is accomplished through focus on on daily execution, troubleshooting and problem solving, as well as not repeating the same mistakes. Rever RoutinesTM allows companies to do just that, activate their frontline managers to continuously review, and improve, their operational execution through standardized routines that provide transparency into who, how, and when issues and improvements are addressed.

“It’s time to activate the full potential of the frontline.” according to Errette Dunn, CEO of Rever.”We believe that the companies that empower their frontline will be tomorrow’s winners. Our customers were instrumental in the creation of Rever RoutinesTM to deliver a solution that closes the loop between standardization and continuous improvement, as well as accelerates the implementation of fixes and new ideas at the source. It’s exciting to see frontline associates expose hidden losses, solve problems, and share those learnings across their organizations.”

Rever RoutinesTM with Digital Checklists extends Rever’s solution to include

  • Routines are scheduled, assigned, and tracked to ensure timely and consistent completion
  • Digital checklists standardize the execution of audits, checks, inspections, and other routines to expose issues
  • Findings (issues, observations, ideas) are captured and transformed into actionable task for reliable completion
  • Unified view of routines, checklists, findings, and the associated actions to amplify benefits across the organization

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About Rever

Rever is a Frontline Operational Excellence platform for manufacturing companies that activates their frontline employees to expose hidden losses, take action to improve, and deliver actionable insights to elevate operational performance. Rever unlocks the full potential of frontline teams to harness their talents and take actions that elevate operational performance. With Rever, enterprises are able to align, engage, and empower frontline teams to drive performance and innovation through guided workflows, collaboration, gamification, and real-time analytics. World-class companies such as GlaxoSmithKline, Grupo Bimbo, MARS, Sigma Alimentos, and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries use Rever technology to elevate operational excellence at the frontline. Rever has offices in San Mateo, California, Guadalajara, Mexico, and Barcelona, Spain. Learn more at

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