REVO ZERO's revolutionary technology aims to cut gasoline dependence

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After the attack on the Colonial Pipeline, the time has come to pursue energy-independent and healthy alternative fueling solutions for a zero-emissions future. REVO ZERO has engineered a technology that provides a viable alternative to gasoline, building a new generation of clean electric vehicles.

Herndon, VA (PRUnderground) May 26th, 2021

On May 7th, it only took one hacker to reveal just how deep our dependence on gasoline runs in the United States. Due to a cyber-attack, Colonial Pipeline, the largest conduit for gasoline in the United States, shut down, impacting thousands of gas stations and driving up gas prices, particularly across the East Coast. Without access to gasoline for fueling, millions of drivers were unable to drive, limited by their dependence on a single pipeline.

The events of the Colonial Pipeline attack are proof that it is time to leave our past behind and pursue alternative fueling solutions for a future that is energy-independent and healthy for humanity. Reliance on fossil fuels not only damages our planet with every drive we take but risks our health, too. Combustion vehicles, in addition to CO2, release benzene, sulfur dioxide, nitric acid, and many more air toxins that can be harmful to humans. These carcinogens can cause a variety of cardiovascular, neurological, respiratory, and health issues after increased exposure.

However, thanks to advances in technology, drivers can dodge fossil fuels as affordable, clean, and energy-independent solutions are available. The company REVO ZERO has engineered a technology that combines hydrogen and electric batteries to provide a viable alternative to gasoline. This technology is being used to build a new generation of electric vehicles – plug-in fuel cell electric vehicles (pFC EVs). REVO ZERO’s pFC technology combines the best features of batteries and hydrogen to produce zero-emissions, fuel-efficient, reliable, and cost-effective electric vehicles. A pFC EV can be recharged at home affordably, like any other electric car, while remaining an optimal solution for long trips as the hydrogen acts as an onboard on-demand charger capable of extending the range for hundreds of miles seamlessly while driving. Its hydrogen fuel cell only requires a small amount of hydrogen stored in an extra secure tank. The hydrogen tank can be refilled in a matter of minutes at the company’s refilling locations.

A clean and green future can be a reality now. Today’s most accessible technologies to create a zero-emissions future are batteries and hydrogen. REVO ZERO uses both technologies in its suite of products and vehicles to build a clean future for all. As a society, we can take control of our destiny, bolster our health and release ourselves from energy dependency by pursuing a new era of clean and green transportation.


REVO ZERO provides innovative zero-emissions automotive technologies for a sustainable future. REVO ZERO is working to create a clean, healthy, and sustainable future for all with its suite of products and services. Investment inquires can be sent to For more information, visit

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