Revolutionary Carmuse Amplifier App Gives Personalized Hi-Fi Stereo Sound With the Move of a Finger

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Never before seen in the marketplace, the Carmuse car amplifier app tunes up to 20,000 kinds of sound setups by just “moving the curve” on a smartphone screen.

Shenzhen, Guangdong, China (PRUnderground) July 11th, 2016

Taking car amplifiers out of the dark ages and into the digital scene, Carmuse launches their innovative proprietary app.  Poised to utterly thrill music enthusiasts, the app will amplify any type of music with the manipulation of a smartphone screen.  Sidestepping unnerving firewall hassles, the car audio boon has a one-step installation process.  Connecting the Carmuse app cable into the head unit’s power outlet swings a Class D amplifier with the latest DSP tech into full motion.  Making a car amplifier smaller, with lower heat dissipation, and less electricity consumption, Hi-Fi sound quality is now on tap.

So how does it actually work, practically speaking? With over 20,000 kinds of setups Carmuse helps users personalize their favorite music.  With cross points and a curve across five vertical lines that denote bass, alto and tweeter, the amplifier app will heighten the resonance of music.  The customization begins with the manipulation of the curve.  For instance, a movement of the app’s virtual curve, either up or down, weakens or strengthens the bass.  The same can be said of the alto or tweeter features.

Helen Chen, a representative of Carmuse said of the car amplifier app launch, “This is car audio upgrading at its finest.  Breakthroughs abound here as Carmuse will support speakers with 100w output wattage due to its conversion rate.  Through the app users have options.  They can switch between different sound channels, control volume output, name their own personal tuning preferences, enjoy phase control to set up for subwoofer installation and best of all locate the balanced area for sound.  It will even divide up different styles of music. All that coupled with the simple installation, and thousands of options for the personalized sound of your music and we’re on to something. What more could you ask for?”

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About Carmuse

Carmuse is a designer and manufacturer of innovative, premium-quality car accessories. With an eye on cost effectiveness, Carmuse continually provides exceptional customer service ranking high in quality assurance. Carmuse works with BMW vehicle suppliers.

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