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RLL4U.com Celebrates Launch Offering Real Life “Like” Buttons That Encourage Face-To-Face Real World Interaction

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It's hardly a secret that more people are getting stuck in a virtual life chasing the dopamine “high” of getting likes on social media. RLL4U.com has come up with a creative way to help break this trend.

Phoenix, AZ (PRUnderground) March 27th, 2019

Having friends online can be interesting and fun, but experts and anyone with common sense agree it is no substitute for making friends in the real world. Sadly, that seems to be getting less common all time as online social networking continue to grow and eat away the time of many people, who likely be much happier doing something else. The good news is innovative brand RLL4U.com or “Real Life Like(s)” is going all out to disrupt this trend solution is a simple one. Producing “Real Life Likes” buttons that can be given to a person when they are seen doing something cool or interesting, whether they are someone they know or have yet to meet. The buttons have not failed, so far in winning a smile, and in the case of being given to a stranger, they’ve kick-started many friendships and even some relationships. The enthusiasm surrounding the very forward-thinking brand and their commitment to helping people disconnect more often from the virtual world and make fun and healthy real-life connections is high.

“We believe its time we take some of those digital likes from the virtual world and bring them back to REAL LIFE,” commented Angelo Battle, the passionate founder of RLL4U.com. “Make someone’s day with a ‘Real Life Like’ button that shows them they are appreciated.”

The buttons are 1.5” round and red or blue coming in different sized sets with the price per button dropping with more buttons ordered. They have a double pin steel back and ship fast once ordered.

The early feedback from customers has been completely positive.

Chris S., from New York, said in a five-star review, “There’s no replacing the look on a girl’s face when I approach her and give he a ‘Real Life Like’ button for doing something cool or just for dressing in a stylish way. When I have a few left I place my next order immediately. This has turned me into a true believer, it’s such a great idea!”

For more information be sure to visit https://rll4u.com.

About RLL4U.com

Welcome back to reality. Trust us! One REAL LIFE LIKE will make them and you feel better than a 1,000 digital likes. So we challenge you to make someone’s day with a “REAL LIFE LIKE,” button today.

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