Rollback Pricing And More: 4 Reasons To Buy The MOBI Digital Non-Contact Thermometer Now

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Now is the right time to purchase the MOBI Digital Non-Contact Thermometer, which is discounted at Walmart for a limited time. Fever is a sign of illness that shouldn’t be ignored during the pandemic and beyond.

Los Angeles, CA (PRUnderground) June 22nd, 2021

As the health emergency winds down in the United States, some consumers may think they don’t need to worry about checking the body temperature of those around them anymore. But digital health thermometers, which are overstocked in some cases due to reduced demand, are available at better prices than ever before.

Here are four reasons why consumers should purchase the MOBI Digital Non-Contact Thermometer for their homes or workplaces while prices are low and supply is strong:

Reason #1: The pandemic isn’t over. With COVID-19 still spreading rampantly in some parts of the world plus a high percentage of U.S. adults unvaccinated and no vaccine available yet for children under 12, the coronavirus pandemic is far from over. Fever is one of the first signs of COVID-19 infection, and the MOBI Digital Non-Contact Thermometer can check body temperature in less than a second with no touching.

Reason #2: Fever is an indicator of many other illnesses. The coronavirus isn’t the only reason to own a non-contact thermometer. Bacterial and fungal infections, heat exhaustion, the flu and other viruses are among serious conditions that start with a fever. Every family needs at least one digital health thermometer to help determine when to seek medical attention.

Reason #3: No one likes intrusive thermometers. Oral and rectal thermometers are intrusive and unpleasant, making them a poor choice for children, people with disabilities and stubborn family members who don’t want to acknowledge that they might be sick. Even ear and forehead thermometers involve touching. The MOBI Digital Non-Contact Thermometer uses infrared technology to capture body temperature with no physical contact.

Reason #4: It’s on Walmart Rollback online this week. The easy-to-use MOBI Digital Non-Contact Thermometer with fever indicator, large LED screen and 50-reading memory recall is available at special Rollback pricing this week at the website and through the Walmart app. Walmart Rollback pricing indicates that an in-stock item is a particularly good value for a limited time.

The MOBI Digital Non-Contact Thermometer can also measure food and milk temperature and ambient room temperature. Additional features include the ability to take readings from up to 2 inches away, batteries in the package, auto-shutoff to save battery life and Fahrenheit and Celsius modes.

Purchase your MOBI Non-Contact Digital Thermometer From Walmart here:

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