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Ron Cadman: Investar USA Acquires Nearly 2 Acres of Land for Apartment Complex

Industry: Real Estate

Investar USA, founded and co-led by Ron Cadman, recently acquired 1.75 acres of residential land in Phoenix, AZ, and is currently undergoing planning for new construction. According to Cadman, Investar USA’s director, conceptual drawings are now complete for a modern 27-unit apartment complex.

Canada (PRUnderground) February 11th, 2020

The proposed apartment complex will be a mix of one- and two-bedroom units with a community park space, pool, and modern amenities. This project is one of numerous real estate projects that Investar USA has completed over the past three decades.

Background on Real Estate Investment Firm Investar USA       

Investar USA is a real estate development and investment firm that about a history of revitalizing multifamily communities across the southern part of the United States. The firm specializes in acquiring, renovating, repositioning, and managing real estate properties.

The Company entered into the market for single-family-homes by acquiring more than 300 units in Arizona’s Greater Phoenix area between 2008 and 2012. The company bought these units using its own management system and acquisition model. Investar USA later focused its efforts on multifamily repositioning and rental.

During the past several years, the trailblazing real estate company has successfully acquired multiple apartment complexes across not only Arizona but also Nevada and Texas.

About Ron Cadman

Ron Cadman, who has over 30 years of real estate industry experience, is especially focused on employing the build-to-rent strategy—a strategy that involves buying land and building an apartment community on it. According to Cadman, this method is an excellent one for maintaining capital growth as well as generating passive income. Still, Cadman is also adept at the renovation of existing properties with the aim of making them more financially valuable.

Cadman continues to deploy capital  for his projects in both the United States and Canada. His unconventional approach to real estatehas allowed him to capitalize on opportunities that other investors may have overlooked at the time of the Great Recession and beyond. In fact, it is his creative ideas that helped Investar USA to succeed when so many other investors were floundering during the most recent economic downturn.

In addition to focusing on apartment complexes, Ron Cadman is skilled in the areas of residential construction and land development. His goal is to keep maximizing opportunities to generate cash flow and foster quality relationships with industry professionals.

Disclaimer: The news site hosting this press release is not associated with Ron Cadman or Investar USA. It is merely publishing a paid press release announcement submitted by a company, without any stated or implied endorsement of the person, product, service or information above.  

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