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Ron Cadman (Investar USA) Featured on Baltimore Post Examiner

Industry: Real Estate

Ron Cadman of Investar USA, a leading real estate investment company, was recently featured on the Baltimore Post Examiner news site in an article about how Las Vegas is drawing a growing number of California residents looking for a better quality of life financially.

Alberta, Canada (PRUnderground) October 31st, 2019

Cadman was cited in the story due to his extensive experience in real estate investing over the past three decades. According to Cadman in the article, Las Vegas may be nicknamed “Sin City,” but there is nothing bad about this bustling town in the eyes of many Californians, who are searching for a more cost-effective place to live. Cadman said that although Las Vegas is historically known for drawing many transients, many individuals are now viewing it as an excellent place to live over the costlier cities in California.

On the Baltimore Post Examiner, Cadman explained that the owner of an apartment complex in California is trying to capitalize on the allure of Las Vegas by encouraging its California tenants to relocate to the company’s units in Las Vegas. According to the news piece, the company has 10 times more units in Nevada than it does in California.

Cadman went on to explain in the article that the individuals who are especially interested in moving to Las Vegas are younger couples who are ready to start families.

Cadman has spent the past three decades excelling in the areas of real estate acquisition and multifamily construction, as well as land use planning. His other areas of expertise related to real estate include residential construction, finance structuring, and the repositioning of distressed assets.

During and after the Great Recession, Cadman managed to acquire a number of houses around the area of Phoenix. He now primarily focuses on multifamily real estate. However, during his career, he has consistently stood out for his ability to drastically revitalize communities. He remains a widely recognized leader and expert in today’s dynamic real estate world.

Disclaimer: The news site hosting this press release is not associated with Ron Cadman. It is merely publishing a paid press release announcement submitted by a company, without any stated or implied endorsement of the person, product, service or information above.  

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