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Rosanne Hanley Prepares Volleyball Tournament At Local Beach To Raise Money For Charity

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Sarasota, FL (PRUnderground) January 12th, 2018

It may be cold, but one resident is looking forward to the summer months. Rosanne Hanley is preparing to host a volleyball tournament on the beach to raise money for charity. The idea has gained traction in the community and has other residents looking forward to the summer.

The premise of the tournament will become easy to understand as more planning takes place. Each team that signs up will have donors donating to their name. Each side will have to reach a certain level of donations to enter the tournament. Not only will there be prizes for the winners of the competition, but awards will be handed out to the teams that can get the most donations.

“The goal of the tournament is to have a great time during a hot summer day, but also raise money for charity,” explains Rosanne Hanley. “There is no better setting than the beach to have a volleyball tournament.”

While Hanley has come up with the idea of hosting the tournament and take donations, she will need assistance for other aspects.

“Organizing a volleyball tournament requires assistance from recreational members of the community,” says Hanley. “From brackets to equipment to the setting, all these aspects I will need help with.”

Hanley does know which charity will receive the funds from the tournament. The local Boys and Girls Club will benefit from this competition, collecting money to help buy new equipment and make upgrades to the facility.

Because the Boys and Girls Club will receive the money, members of the club will be on hand to offer support. Also, members will act as volunteers for different steps of the multi-day event.

“The Club needs funding for many things at their building,” says Hanley. “Plus, I know a lot of teams will sign up and help donate once they know the charity that will benefit from the tournament.”

Donations from teams entering the tournament won’t be the only way money becomes raised. Shirts, food, side games for children and other activities will become available during the competition.

But why a beach volleyball tournament?

“When I’m at the beach, and there is a random volleyball game taking place, a crowd always forms,” explains Rosanne Hanley. “Bringing an actual tournament to the beach will draw attention and a large crowd.”

Attendees will have the opportunity to donate to the charity during the tournament. Not only will the games be free to watch, but attendees will also have an opportunity to participate in mini-games. These mini-games will include spiking the ball, playing one-on-one, and record amounts of volley between two people.

“Anybody who comes to the beach during this time will have fun,” says Hanley. “Whether you play volleyball or just enjoy the beach, this tournment will peak your interest.”

Another idea Hanley has tossed around is bringing in professional teams to take part in an exhibition against the tournament-winning squad. The matchup would bring more people to the event because of the notoriety of the professional team.

Also, Hanley will break down the tournament’s teams into age and gender brackets. She hopes young teams will sign up and even the older generation.

“The game of volleyball is a timeless sport,” says Rosanne Hanley. “Anybody at any age can participate and have fun. Plus, the more teams sign up, the more money is raised for the Club.”

The summer months seem like years away, but Hanley hopes people of the community will look forward to this event.

“It may be cold outside now, but the competition and activity will heat up at the beach during the summer,” says Hanley. “You can guarantee that.”

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