Routespring, a business-travel startup, achieved 25% MoM growth since beginning of 2021

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Retail merchandising segment has unique business travel needs. Tarun Upaday, CEO of Routespring, explains how they have specialized in meeting these needs.

Bethesda, MD (PRUnderground) May 11th, 2021

Routespring, headquartered in Bethesda MD, has found success in serving the niche market of retail merchandising businesses. As per Tarun Upaday, CEO of Routespring, this segment has specific business travel needs which are underserved by the market. Routespring found an opportunity to operate in this segment, and have achieved phenomenal 25% MoM growth in 2021 even when most of the business travel is dead with pandemic. 

With a bunch of avid travelers and technology enthusiasts, Routespring has built a software and service that distinguishes itself from other business travel agencies. “When it comes to retail merchandising businesses”, says Tarun, “we have identified their particular travel needs, and made it our mission to provide them with enterprise-grade travel management solutions with premium travel support at an affordable price.” 

To put a light on the typical needs, Tarun mentioned that the merchandising team’s territory assignment changes on a weekly basis, which doesn’t give much room for advance travel planning. Additionally, when in the field, the merchandisers are uncertain at which location their day will end. Both these factors lead to making last minute travel bookings. In the last 12 months, 91% of the Routespring hotel bookings were made for the stay on the same day. “We make this possible by allowing travelers to book a hotel room until 5 AM next morning. Plus, we have equipped our support team to handle any last minute requests.”

On the broader travel management perspective, the cost of travel directly impacts the cost of goods sold, and that leads to the need for having effective policy controls to optimize travel spend. To solve this, Routespring has created an ability to configure policies at granular level without affecting the experience of the employees. Tarun shared that, on average, 96% of the travel bookings comply with their travel policy. “That explains how easy we make it on both sides of travel – admin as well as traveler”, says Tarun. 

As an additional benefit to this segment, Routespring also provides the ability to pay using one central corporate card or by issuing no-risk centrally connected payment cards. With this solution, the merchandising team doesn’t have to pay out-of-pocket and process reimbursements. 

Routespring has helped merchandising teams visit stores in more than 2000 destinations in the last 12 months. “Beyond technology, we truly care about the travelers and companies we serve. I’m optimistic we will continue to see growth in coming months”. 

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Routespring is business travel without personal credit cards. Routespring empowers your company with real-time visibility and controls that help your team #GoFurther. Routespring’s in-house customer success team is accessible through multiple channels at all times just to make sure that road-warriors achieve their business goals successfully and reach home safely.

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