Rugged Aluminum Trailers Offers Consumers A High Aluminum Trailer Option

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Innovative company, Rugged Aluminum Trailers offers a high side all aluminum utility trailer option that makes it safer and more convenient to tow loose cargo safely down the road.

Hudson, NH (PRUnderground) January 21st, 2019

The innovative company, Rugged Aluminum Trailers offers a high-sided aluminum utility trailer option for their customer’s safety and convenience. This in addition to a number of trailer options in a variety of sizes and types – include utility, cargo, motorcycle, and ATV trailers.

Why High-Sides?

High-sided utility trailers are safer and more convenient for individuals who often tow large, bulky or loose loads. (i.e. mulch, leaves, etc.) The standard 21” high-sided perimeter rail can be lined with a mesh expanded metal, or a solid aluminum tread plate. Additional perimeter rail heights are also available.

Situations in which an aluminum high-side utility trailer is ideal include:

  • Loose Materials (Firewood, Mulch, Yard Waste, Loam, Gravel)
  • Need to haul ATVs or motorcycles
  • Need to haul exceptionally large or bulky objects
  • You want the security of your load is below a rail and wall

Why Aluminum?

Aluminum should be the material of choice for all individuals considering a tow-behind trailer purchase. Unlike iron or steel, aluminum does not rust. Instead, it naturally protects itself through a process called oxidization. Basically, when aluminum is exposed to harmful elements (like air or moisture) it creates a hard, protective layering that will prevent any further corrosion.

Aluminum is also lighter, which means it requires a lower tow capacity. Whereas heavier steel trailers might require a large pickup truck, aluminum trailers can safely be towed behind an average sized car. A lighter load also means less wear and tear on your vehicle frame and engine.

Company’s Other Offerings

The Rugged Aluminum Trailers company offers a wide selection of trailers. This includes the following types of trailers, which are all available in a wide array of sizes:

In addition to prefabricated models, Rugged also provides an option for creating a custom trailer. Details can be found under the “build trailer” tab at the top of their website.

About Rugged Aluminum Trailers

Based out of the New England state of New Hampshire, Rugged Aluminum Trailers has been in business for over 47 years. During this time, they have built a strong, nationwide reputation for having quality craftmanship and innovative product designs.

For more information, you can visit their website at Alternatively, you can email them at, or call them at (603)324-7402.

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