Russian Artist Svetlana Repina Connects Science and Art in Her Work

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Fine Art Shippers is pleased to introduce Svetlana Repina, an emerging Russian artist who connects science, art, and literature in her work.

New York, NY (PRUnderground) December 7th, 2019

Fine Art Shippers is pleased and excited to introduce Svetlana Repina, an emerging Russian artist who connects science and art in her work. Svetlana Repina is not an ordinary artist; she is a dedicated logotherapist motivated by a search for the meaning of life. She uses her feelings, emotions, and experiences to show people their inner power of transformation and abilities they are not even aware of through multimedia art and literature. Repina believes that it is possible to help people overcome their fears and become better versions of themselves by combining certain methods of logotherapy with artistic tools. Her innovative work is expected to bring very interesting results in the near future.

Who is Svetlana Repina? Svetlana Repina is an artist, writer, journalist, model, and an inspired video maker who lives in Moscow. However, her true passion is logotherapy, a psychotherapeutic approach developed by the famous neurologist and psychiatrist Viktor Frankl in the 1940s, which is based on the idea that understanding of the everyday’s purpose and meaning of each life can help stay healthy and overcome any struggles. Along with Alfred Adler’s individual psychology and Sigmund Freud’s psychoanalysis, it is considered the “Third Viennese School of Psychotherapy.”

Svetlana Repina is currently a student at the Moscow Institute of Psychoanalysis, but she is already applying the methods and techniques of logotherapy in her life and artistic work, trying to help people find their spiritual inner-beings and their unique meaning.

Why is it important? Today, at a time of technological progress, gadgets, and artificial intelligence, people are increasingly experiencing confusion, emptiness, existential vacuum, and even the fear of themselves and the world. Many are starting to disassociate, which gives birth to boredom, indifference, hedonism, spiritual dimension, egocentrism, and negativism. As a result, people try to escape from the so-called «stress» by plunging headlong into pleasure-seeking and entertainment, losing themselves in the process. This phenomenon is known as noogenic neurosis, or pathology of the spirit of our time as it was called by Viktor Frankl. False values, fakes, lack of meaning in life, surrogate dreams, illusions, procrastination, increased anxiety, and panic attacks are just some of the problems we face every day. Logotherapy aims to give direction to people, show them spiritual values, and help find the right path in their lives. This is what makes Svetlana Repina’s work so important.

By combining logotherapy with art and literature, Svetlana Repina appeals to the soul where people’s assumptions about the good originate. Her work is an artistic project based on science, a somewhat experiment that should help overcome many problems of today’s society. Please visit to find out more about this innovative artist and her approach to contemporary art through logotherapy and psychoanalysis.

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