Russian Icon Collection Introduces the Art of Michael Mirianashvili

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The online gallery Russian Icon Collection introduces the art of the talented contemporary Georgian painter and iconographer Michael Mirianashvili.

New York, NY (PRUnderground) October 24th, 2022

Russian Icon Collection, an online gallery specializing in antique Russian Orthodox icons, introduces the art of the contemporary artist Michael Mirianashvili. Not only is he a professional painter and portraitist, but he is also an inspired iconographer creating sacred images of various types. The artist possesses great skills and is able to paint holy icons of any level of complexity, making even rare images accessible to ordinary people. By sharing his life story and works, Russian Icon Collection directs the public’s attention to the presence and future of religious iconography, which is as important as the legacy of the past.

Michael Mirianashvili is a 36-year-old artist who works and lives in Tbilisi. At the age of six, he started painting his first works and later entered an art school to train himself and gain new knowledge. After about ten years of education, Mirianashvili entered the university at the Faculty of Economics. His first encounter with iconography was purely accidental. While he was in his third year, the student decided to become a member of the parish at the local church. As it turned out, the temple was being painted at the moment, and Michael, who quickly revived memories from his school years, joined the artist responsible for frescos as his assistant. That’s how he met his art teacher and started his journey in iconography.

In his art, Michael Mirianashvili fosters synergy between portrait painting and icon painting, two genres that, according to the artist, have something in common. As it is known, religious icons predominantly consist of faces, be it the face of the Theotokos, Jesus Christ, a saint, a prophet, or a peasant. Painting faces is one of the most laborious parts of the icon creation process because one needs to depict facial expressions in accordance with the strict icon painting rules and traditions. In this sense, Michael knows how to paint the faces accurately so that nothing causes disruption between the work and the canon.

Michael Mirianashvili aims to find more clients and demonstrate his talent to the whole world, and Russian Icon Collection is happy to bring the artist’s achievements to light and promote his artworks online. It is worth mentioning that it is not the first time the online gallery supports contemporary iconographers. Last year, Russian Icon Collection introduced the art of Christine Hales, an icon painter and iconography instructor, who creates all sorts of religious compositions, from large-scale Byzantine-style sacred paintings to portable icons specifically designed for private collections. After all, contemporary icon painting is an important part of the art world, which deserves greater recognition and appreciation.

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Founded by Oleg Kushnirskiy, Russian Icon Collection is one of the leading online galleries of antique Russian icons. It represents the most accurate compilation of all the knowledge and expertise gained from many years of collecting and selling rare and famous religious icons of museum quality. Initially created to preserve this sacred form of art and to display the true masterpieces of Eastern Orthodox iconography, Russian Icon Collection has become a reliable place where everyone can enjoy and sell authentic antique icons and religious artifacts.

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