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Ruthleess Marketing Commits to Help Minority Women Owned Businesses Obtain $20B in Market Value

Industry: Entrepreneurs

How Ruthleess Marketing will be helping new and existing minority businesses owned by women obtain $20 Billion in market value over the next few years

New Jersey (PRUnderground) September 9th, 2021

BA Jenkins, CEO of Ruthleess Marketing announced the company’s commitment to help minority owned businesses earn a place in the marketplace. After a roundtable with Forbes Women for the ‘Toast to Equity’ event on August 18th, the CEO confirmed her commitment to the public via social media to let supporters know of the changes coming up in the business. BA states, “This will be an uphill battle of educating clients, business positioning, strategic placements, and relationships.” The owner of the company does not believe that a single PR or Marketing firm will be the lone professional aid business owners need to obtain $20 Billion dollars of market value for a collective a women owned businesses.

Ruthleess Marketing does have a professional mantra of “We love educated clients”. They plan to start this journey with their clients by continuing to educate them in business and focusing on building equitable companies via their blog. Along with the blog, the business has a working plan of building relationships with business development officers, grant writers well versed in multiple funding opportunities, and other business professionals that offer services beneficial to the growing companies, Ruthleess Marketing’s plan is to collectively serve the underserved women business owners in the beauty, ecommerce and music industry. In regards to creating a business alliance to the benefit of Ruthleess clients, The CEO states “We are creating a makeshift C-suite team for businesses that are 100% bootstrapping their business. Everyone and every entity has to know their role in this process, even our clients. My business plays a role with PR & Marketing, but we do not handle physical branding for the brand and it’s products. We know our role very well in order to help the business.” 

There has been a tentative timeline of when Ruthleess Marketing will reach their target of $20 Billion in market value for women business owners they help. The company believes it will take 5-7 years or $2.9B- $4B per year starting in 2022. Currently the PR & Marketing firm has been focusing on educating and matching their clients with grant writers that can help each client secure funds to start the process while managing their PR efforts.

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Ruthleess Marketing is a marketing and PR firm with a focus of helping independent music artists, small businesses, and media outlets. The boutique firm owned by BA Jenkins is a namesake of her grandmother Ruth Lee.

Ruthleess Marketing is a Black woman owned business that strategizes and obtains opportunity for independent artists, as well as business owners clientele. The company also helps small media outlets catering to entertainment and celebrities.

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