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Ryvals.com Disrupts Business as Usual on Esports Platforms By Giving All Players the Opportunity to Win Cash Prizes

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The big names in esports are notorious for catering to elite players. Reborn platform Ryvals.com is now going against the status quo, giving every level of player an opportunity to win cash prizes.

Frisco, TX (PRUnderground) January 23rd, 2023

The interest in esports only continues to rise. This isn’t to say improvements aren’t possible in the esports world. One common criticism among players is the “Hunger Games” style spirit surrounding how established platforms operate. Elite players win all the cash prizes, and everyone else is left with nothing. In exciting news, a popular esports platform Ryvals.com has reemerged with a platform designed to improve the industry. The chief change is structuring games and tournaments where every player, regardless of experience, has a chance to win money. Ryvals’ focus on equalizing player opportunities is unheard of in the industry, and the excitement surrounding the concept is skyrocketing.

“We provide an opportunity for every gamer to get in on the action,” commented a spokesperson for the growing platform. “Ryvals was designed to provide an opportunity for every level of gamer, especially those who do not feel as if they can compete in traditional tournaments. Regardless of a player’s skill, they only need to eliminate one other opponent to win money.”

According to Ryvals, other benefits of using the esports platform include: Ryvals is a cash-based platform using United States-based credit card processor, Google and Apple Pay with instant cash payouts on the way; automatic scoring; integrated private lobbies; quicker game times; a “Refer-A-Friend” affiliate program where players can earn extra money by getting others to sign up using their affiliate code; a proprietary I.P.; and much more.

The early response to Ryvals’ new approach has been highly enthusiastic, with players quickly commenting on the idea and execution of the platform.

In a five-star review, C.G., from New York, recently said, “This is exactly what the esports world needs. I am a good but not a great player yet. Now I have the chance to win money rather than act as a spectator for the few elite players who win all the prizes and glory. I think Ryvals is set to dominate esports in 2023 and beyond. Ryvals really is different.”

For more information, be sure to visit https://www.ryvals.com.

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Ryvals.com is the exclusive home of PPK®, an online esports platform that enables you to play video games against other players for real cash prizes. Ryvals.com’s services are available on P.C., mobile, and all major consoles, and is available to users in the United States, Canada, Europe, and parts of Asia-Pacific. Ryvals.com is operated by Ryvals Gaming, LLC, a subsidiary of Ryvals, Inc., a global information and technology services company.

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